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Shocking Facts About Animal Experimentation

Madhura Pandit Nov 22, 2018
There have been worldwide protests to ban animal testing. The facts about animal experimentation mentioned here will help you know why. Scroll down to have more information on animal testing or experimentation.
Animal experimentation or animal testing is a practice where animals are used for the purpose of experimentation and research. Several products and medications are first tested on animals for safety or to check the side effects.
It has been found that, every year, millions of various animals are used only for the purpose of experimentation, which is a horrifying experience for the animals. All animals are tortured and killed for researches and experimentation.
Animal testing is banned in several countries; but many developed countries follow this practice. If you look at animal experimentation facts, you will be stunned to know about the inhuman cruelty performed on animals.

Animal Testing Facts

  • The exact number of animals used for experimentation is not known, as according to the rules, research organizations do not have to record the number of animals used. However, more than 100 million or animals are used for experimentation every year, all over the world.
  • The animals used for experimentation include rodents, fish, amphibians, reptiles, small and large mammals, dogs, cats, and primates. Among the rest, mice, rats, and rabbits are used in the highest numbers.
  • Strangely, it was found that certain tests when showed positive on animals had a negative effect on human beings which proves that animal testing is not 100% efficient and foolproof.
  • According to the facts, this method is used on a large scale to test cosmetics and medications. However, animal testing is also found in public health laboratories, contract testing laboratories, science universities, and commercial companies.
  • Those in favor of animal testing, suggest that this method has greatly helped in the development of medications against diseases, which has definitely helped ease pain and suffering of human beings.
  • However, there are several arguments against animal testing as the animals are treated cruelly and killed at the end.
  • Most of the animals are kept isolated in boxes or in cages, are deprived of socializing and tortured. Nearly all animals die in the experiments, and, very rarely, are euthanized.
  • Although passed safe in animal testing, many drugs are banned from several countries due to the severe side effects associated with them. It is also found that people tend to die due to the severe side effects caused due to drugs that were considered safe even after animal testing.
  • Animal testing in cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical companies are the worst, as the animals used there are exposed to drugs and products to check the potential side effects (and sometimes without using anesthesia).
  • Although among the pros and cons, there are more pros or advantages to humans, we should not ignore the fact that a large number of helpless creatures are killed inhumanly for the sake of research.
  • When thinking of alternatives to animal testing, you should note that there are more than 400 methods that can be considered as alternatives to animal testing or experimentation. However, there are labs that still practice the barbaric methods of animal testing and experimentation.
We can contribute in stopping this by opting for products that are marked as 'not tested on animals'. Even with this small step, we should try to put an end to this cruel and inhuman treatment to animals.