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How to Apply for Social Security Benefits Online

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 3, 2018
With the new Social Security Administration program in place, a retiring person can apply for social security benefits online, from the comfort of his/her home.
Recently, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has added an online program in the interest of retiring persons. Filing for retirement benefits in the regular way is a time-consuming process, wherein you have to do a lot of paperwork. Thus, one of the frequent queries received by SSA is whether people can make an online application and the answer is yes.
Definitely, you can do it, however, make sure that you meet the prerequisites for availing the benefits. In short, check information regarding the eligibility for getting retirement benefits and then proceed accordingly.

How to do it?

Since several members of the baby boom generation (1950) are retiring, the SSA has made a new provision of allowing prospective applicants to file for retirement benefits online. It is estimated that a huge number of baby boomers (about 80 million) are getting retired between 2009 and 2029.
Considering this, more than 10,000 forms will be submitted everyday. Thus, for smooth operation, the SSA has started the program wherein online application will make the process easy and swift.

Points to be Noted

Applying for these benefits (Online, through phone, or personally) should be done no more than three months prior to the date you want to receive your benefits on. Keep your social security card, tax return receipt, birth certificate, and citizenship proof ready. You will be asked these original documents when applying for retirement benefits.

Check for Eligibility

You can consider applying for the benefits three months prior to your retirement. Needless to say, a citizen who is completing 62 years within 3 months can apply.

Browse the Official Website

Visit SSA's official website to get the application details. You can refer to the retirement planning section for better understanding of the program. It explains the process in an easily understandable way, so that you can proceed with the online application in a proper manner.

Go Through the Demo Form

There is a demo application form, which you can check out. Carefully, go through the form and take your own time to understand the required columns that you need to fill up. If possible, switch on the computer's sound to hear the voice service. Jot down points, wherever you feel confusing.

Contact the SSA

In case of any confusion in the application form, you can contact the Social Security Administration by using their toll-free number mentioned on the website. For genuine queries, you can visit a nearby SSA office and meet the officials personally.

Apply for the Benefits

Once you are ready with the documents and have understood the procedure, you can click the button for online application. Fill up the questions related to your age, identity, work, etc. Click the submit button after you are done with it. In case, if you are not able to complete filling the form at one sitting, you can save it and submit on a future date.
Thus, with this new program, anybody who is retiring, can make an online application. It can take somewhere between 10-20 minutes. The best part is that, you do not have to visit the office or stand in the line for filing retirement benefits.