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Army Ranks in Order

Army ranks in order help pass on the chain of command in a disciplined way. Do you want to learn about the US army ranks? Then, read ahead.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 3, 2018
The country's fate lies in the hands of its armed forces. The armed forces is what makes a country strong as well as safe. The military fends off unwanted trespassers from other countries trying to take away territories that belong to a country. One of the most powerful armed forces around the world belongs to the United States.
The US Army motto is "This We'll Defend". One is always filled with honor and pride at the very mention of the either of the units of military, the US Army, the US Air Force, the US Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guards.
Each of these military units are divided into different military ranks. These ranks help define the chain of order in a unit and incorporate the basic core of military life, that is, discipline. Learn about the list of army ranks in order from highest to lowest.

U.S. Army Ranks

The U.S. army is a unit of the armed forces that is responsible for all the land based military operations. The US army is one of the oldest and the largest units of armed forces. The United States Army was officially created on the 3rd of June 1748.
The control and operation of the US Army is under the Department of the Army and is headed by the civilian head the Secretary of the Army. The highest army ranks in order is the Chief of Staff. The exception to this rule comes in only when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are officers in the army.
'The 7 Army Core Values'  were adopted by the Army in the 1990s, that dispel the basic traits of warriors among their recruits. The 7 Army core values are:
  • Loyalty- Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and fellow Soldiers.
  • Duty - Fulfill your obligations.
  • Respect - Treat others as they should be treated.
  • Selfless Service - Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own.
  • Honor - Live the Army Values.
  • Integrity - Do what's right, both legally and morally.
  • Personal Courage - Face fear, danger, or adversity, both physical and moral.

List of Army Ranks from Highest to Lowest

Three most terms in military life are rank, rate and grade. The members of the elite Navy/Coast Guards use 'rate' to refer to their enlisted sailors. The term 'rank' is used to by other services for their members. 'Rate' and 'Rank' are used to determine the status and authority of military members in their respective services. 
The 'Grade' is used to define the personnel and pay functions of an individual member. Members of the same personnel receive the same pay based on their time-in-service and rank.
The army ranks in order are divided into three categories. These three categories begin with the highest in order the commissioned officers followed by warrant officers  and then the enlisted officers  that are non-commissioned officers. The commissioned officers are members of armed forces that hold a position of authority.
They are assigned their powers from a sovereign power, who gives them specific duties. The warrant officers are members of the armed forces who have a specific military rank structure. The list of army ranks from highest to lowest can help you know the chain of order in the army of the United States of America, if you want to enlist in the army.

United States Army Military Ranks

Warrant Officers
  • Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5)
  • Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4)
  • Chief Warrant Officer 3(CW3)
  • Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2)
  • Warrant Officer 1 (WO1)
Commissioned Officers
  • General of the Army (GOA)
  • General (4 star) (GEN)
  • Lieutenant General (3 star) (LTG)
  • Major General (2 star) (MG)
  • Brigadier General (1 star) (BG)
  • Colonel (COL)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
  • Major (MAJ)
  • Captain (CPT)
  • First Lieutenant (1LT)
  • Second Lieutenant (2LT)
Flag Rank Officers
  • General of the Armies (Special rank)
  • General of the Army
  • General (4 star)
  • Lieutenant General (3 star)
  • Major General (2 star)
  • Brigadier General (1 star)
Enlisted Servicemen
  • Sergeant Major of the Army
  • Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
  • Sergeant Major (SGM)
  • First Sergeant (1SG)
  • Master Sergeant (MSG)
  • Sergeant First Class (SFC)
  • Staff Sergeant (SSG)
  • Sergeant (SGT)
  • Corporal (CPL)
  • Specialist (SPC)
  • Private First Class (PFC)
  • Private (PVT/PV2)
If you are interested in wearing the stripes and stars and making your country proud, army is the career for you. Discipline, honor, integrity and the drive to die for your nation is what makes one a successful army man.
Following the code of conduct and passing instructions according to the military ranks makes army life crystal clear. Hope the list of army ranks in order has helped you understand the line of command in this oldest unit of armed forces.