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How to Buy Army Surplus Vehicles

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 6, 2018
Buying army surplus vehicles is a great idea if you are looking for used 4-wheelers in a good condition. Here is information why the army sells their vehicles, where you can buy them, and how you can buy them.
The army discards its surplus commodities from time to time. These goods are then sold to the general public through auctions or direct sales. These commodities include a wide range of items including food, military uniforms, and vehicles. These vehicles are always in demand since they are often in a good condition and well taken care of.
However, most people do not know where to find military surplus vehicles and what the procedure is for buying them. Similarly, many people wonder why the army would want to get rid of vehicles that are still in good condition and once rendered valuable service to the nation.

Why Does the Army Sell its Surplus Vehicles?

The vehicles serving the army are maintained by the military organizations, hence are often in excellent working conditions. No matter how well they run, they still cannot compete with the new vehicles equipped with the latest technology. The army cannot compromise on the security of a nation by allowing the old and technologically backward vehicles to run.
In a critical situation, the lack of advanced technology can hamper the performance of the army. Oftentimes, the military organizations upgrade them instead. But, sometimes the cost of upgrading is a bit high. Besides, installing latest technology like GPS in old vehicles is too much of a hassle, hence the army prefers to replace the old ones with new ones.

Why to Buy Them?

The biggest advantage of buying these vehicles is their association with the army. These vehicles are rugged and capable of rendering a quality service. If you decide to buy used 4-wheelers from private dealers, there are chances that you might not get one worth your money.
These dealers are notorious for cheating and selling worthless vehicles for exorbitant prices, just by following smart marketing tactics. When you buy vehicles from the army you can be 100% sure about their condition and price. In fact, they can be bought for cheaper rates than other privately sold vehicles.
All the vehicles for sale are tested by the military organization and then demilitarized. If a particular vehicle has a problem, then the potential buyers or bidders are informed well in advance.

How to Buy Them​?

The surplus vehicles are not sold year around. They are available only at a certain time of the year. Keep yourself informed when the army puts them up for sale or auto auction. Besides, the army is not directly involved in the sale of the vehicles. They often entrust this job to local contractors who auction the vehicles and sell them on behalf of the army.
The Department of Defense office in your area should be able to guide you regarding information about the contractor. You may also contact any of the national guard offices. You can directly call the contractor's office and inquire when the vehicles are available. As, the sale is not always advertised properly, be alert regarding the dates of the auction.
Alternatively, you may also visit the official website of Defense Re-utilization and Marketing Services. Here, you can find several commodities for sale, including the vehicles. Browse through the catalog to find out what you need. Online army surplus stores also offer similar services.
Thus, buying one of these vehicles is the most reliable way of buying used vehicles. Besides, it is indeed a matter of great pride for any citizen to drive something that once served the nation.