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A Brief Introduction to the Basic Purposes of a Government

Manali Oak Nov 18, 2018
Government is the governing body of a nation. It is formed with an intent of establishing law and order in the society. What are the main purposes of a government?
Government is the governing authority of a political unit. The government of a nation is the ruling power as also the apparatus by the means of which the governing officials exercise authority. People need to lead a social life but a community cannot thrive without law and order.
Society needs to be directed and should be based on a commonly accepted set of principles. This is briefly what a governing authority does. A Government is also responsible for overall welfare of the society and should ideally strive to bring about reforms in the society. The fundamental purpose of a government is to maintain basic security and public order.
The government plays a vital role in developing an economic security in the society. The country's economy has a direct effect on the lifestyle and quality of living of its inhabitants. Governments are created for increasing the people's potential for survival.
Preventing the undermining of the nation's currency and regulating the economy of the country are thus the main responsibilities of a government. Government intends to stabilize the nation's economy for the benefit of its people.
The establishment of social security, which is closely related to economic security, is also an important purpose of the formation of a government. The government shares the responsibility of the senior citizens of society.
The social security policies of the government result in the reduction in the poverty in society. Its provision of financial support to the elderly gives people a social security.
Guarding the country's border is the primary responsibility of a government. The purpose of the government is to create and maintain a vigilant force to safeguard the country.
Governments create militaries with the purpose of defending the nation against its enemies. The government hosts the army, naval and air forces, which are responsible for protecting their motherland from any attack by the rival countries.
The preservation of life and protection of property are also among the main purposes of a government. The maintenance of environmental goods and the preservation of a country's natural wealth is also an important purpose.
It is the government's responsibility to resolve conflicts that arise on issues related to public goods and constituents of the environment.
One of the basic purposes of a government is to plan for the development of the nation. Providing the inhabitants of a country with the basic goods like public transport mechanisms, highways, health facilities as well as schools and educational institutions, is the responsibility of the government.
It also aims at helping in the preservation of environment through the development of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
The other purpose of a government is, the establishment of equality and justice in society. The formation of certain rules that define the law and order of a nation are pillars of the social well-being of its people. Establishing rules and ensuring that they are followed is an important duty of a government.
The government forms a governing authority that can be trusted by the masses. The purpose behind the establishment of a government is the formation of an authority that can guide the society.

It is the government that binds us together and helps us live in peace and harmony.