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Best Charity Fundraising Ideas

Naomi Sarah Nov 23, 2018
Some of the best charity fundraising ideas come from a well thought out plan of action on how to get maximum returns. It doesn't have to be all business and no fun; learn how to make a profit for a charitable cause, as well as give people their money's worth...
A fundraiser is an event that is put together by either an organization, company, group of people, or an individual, with the purpose of raising money for a good cause.
Charity foundations are non-profit organizations that rely on grants, given by the government or from those people willing to offer financial assistance. They depend on others to fund their cause, to further take their charity's purpose.
They even accept volunteers to join the organization and help out in any way that they can. People can also donate material possessions that they no longer require to these organizations, like clothes, toys, household items, and so on.

Fundraising Ideas at Work

There are heaps of ways that you can start out on a fundraiser, by first coming up with a strategy on how to begin, and where to get your resources. Charity fundraising ideas in the workplace don't have to be elaborate or excessively thought over. Here are some unique ideas that are sure to get you started on your charity event.

Brewing Coffee

You can get in touch with a company that can sell you bulk coffee, or you can buy them from coffee houses in your neighborhood. Some workplaces aren't very happy with the coffee at work, so they'd be more than happy to pay for a good cup of Joe.
Pin up fliers around the office at least two days before the fundraiser, telling people about the purpose of raising money and which charity the proceeds will go to.
Let people pay a little extra than the price you bought the coffee for, so that you make a profit as well as encourage extra donations by keeping a donation box where you're selling the coffee. Get others to participate as well, to spread the word throughout the company and thus get maximum benefits.

Hand Me Downs Sale

Put up notices on the office noticeboard that everyone can bring items that they don't need anymore like books, clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, paintings, electronics and so on.
You can set up an area to place everyone's things in neat clusters, with volunteers in charge of different sections. Others can go around and look for items they may be interested in.
The money made from sales can then be sent to the organization. Just make sure that everything is in good condition and doesn't qualify as junk.

Wine Tasting Event

A wine tasting event is a challenging way to put together a fundraiser. Get the company in on the plans, and let everyone contribute money, which can be used to rent out a small hall or book an open ground space to set up the wine stalls.
You can find people who make homemade wines, or even wine makers that have their own businesses, to come and set up their wine selections for tasting. Invite the public by selling tickets and handing out fliers to as many local joints and passers-by.
This way you can be sure that your company will successfully pull off a good charity fundraising event, provided that you state your cause clearly and promote your event well in advance.
Trying these out will help you to put together an event that will result in satisfying money returns. Be sure to draw up a systematic plan, on how to make it known to everyone about the charity and the cause of the event, to further boost its purpose.
Look out for more ways that you can help out charity foundations, from companies like ABCFundRaising' and 'FastTrackFundRaising', that give you items to sell to people during a fundraising event, and offers assistance on pulling off successful charity events.

Fundraising Ideas for Teenagers/Kids

Cookie Bake Sale

There's nothing like fresh homemade cookies. This gives it a personal touch, making people more interested in trying them. Tell the children to arrange stalls outside their schools, while then putting up boards that encourage people to come over, and contribute to the charity.
Parents can help out by baking the children's cookies, that they can then sell with help from their teachers.

Garage Sale

Parents can put together garage sales of things they don't need and can tell their kids to give away old toys, books, stationary and clothes that they don't require anymore. These can then be sold to onlookers interested, and then money can be given to your child's teacher for the charity that needed the proceeds.

Stage Events

This is a good idea for teenagers and kids alike, who can put together a show for adults to come and watch. Teachers can print out fliers for parents to attend these plays, and arrange for tickets.
Kids can have a talent show, play, dance recital, singing competition, spelling bee contest etc. It inspires parents to see kids perform and pay for a cause. Be clear of the cause you are helping.
May these creative fundraising ideas help in making a charity happy to receive anything that you have to offer. The money doesn't have to be a lot, as long as it is something that the foundation can use. Just be sure to try out other interesting and engaging fundraising ideas to plan out a one-of-a-kind charity event.