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Unbelievable! These are the Most Common Causes of Drunk Driving

Most Common Causes of Drunk Driving
Drunk driving has been one of the major reasons for road accidents. This post takes a look at the causes of drunk driving, apart from giving you some information on the steps that have been taken to counter it.
Rahul Pandita
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
People died in drunk driving crashes
Various researches and studies over the years have found that alcohol consumption in moderate levels is good for health. However, when taken in excessive amounts, it has the capability of harming the body, and driving when you are intoxicated can be one of the most precarious situations. The question we are trying to answer in this article is why people insist on driving themselves, even though they can easily hire a cab or call someone to drop them back. Well, it is well-known that alcohol invokes the famous Dutch Courage, in which a person gets a fake sense of confidence and preparedness to encounter any eventuality.

Under the influence of alcohol, one gets a feeling that he would be able to 'handle the situation.' This is because of the fact that alcohol impairs the brain, resulting in poor reasoning and judgment. People feel that driving a few blocks would not be too much of a task, and as they have managed before, it would be no different this time around.
Friends party
At parties, people end up drinking more than what their body permits. They have an ill-conceived notion that refusing to drink more may single them out from the group and make them a subject of ridicule. Vomiting - a body mechanism to get rid of excess alcohol is perceived as the ultimate party disaster, therefore, people look for methods to stop themselves from throwing up. And when it is time to go home, people want themselves to be at the wheels.
Boy drinking and driving
Reports have pointed out that a large percentage of people involved in drunk driving related crashes is that of individuals aged between 18-25. Teenagers are often under a lot of pressure to indulge in these activities, so that they can gain acceptance in a group. Teenagers often drink as if they have to prove a point to their friends that they have the capability to ingest alcohol without showing any signs of drunkenness. Competing against one another on how much one can drink also contributes to drunk driving, as the impairment level varies from person to person.
Friends drunk driving
There are many people who look at drunk driving as an adventurous activity, which only the 'brave' can indulge in. They look at it as a means to 'break-free' and ride their luck. It is not as if they are not aware about the repercussions that it can have, but the urge is too hard for them to resist. This is one of the most serious challenges in the fight against drunk driving.
Fight Against Drunk Driving
Police arresting druck driver
Some steps have been taken to curb the menace of drunk driving, most notable among them being lowering the blood alcohol limit. In many states, offenders are now made to face the victim's family members. This move is aimed at getting the offender to get a first-hand experience of what grief and loss he has caused to others. States have also got tough with establishments serving alcohol to minors or to those who already have had 'enough'. The SafeRides program has also helped in taking an objective stance on the issue, where volunteers offer their services to intoxicated teenagers, by dropping them home. The Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) has also initiated several steps to prevent youngsters from indulging in drunk driving.
Drunk driving is not an issue that concerns a certain section of society, as we all are prone to being impacted by it. So, if you know someone who has a habit of indulging in drunk driving, please spread the word, because you never know when it is too late.