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Fun and Exciting Games to Raise Money for Charity

Aparna Jadhav Nov 20, 2018
If you are a fundraising enthusiast, one new idea is to organize games to raise money for charity. Find more such interesting games mentioned here.
Charity is a wonderful gift given to the less fortunate as even though we are among the few who have everything we need, there are millions who don't. When a beggar approaches us for money or food, we want to get rid of him/her as soon as possible, to save us from embarrassment.
Even though we are one of their hopes of getting lucky with a penny, the first thought that runs across "our" minds is getting our clothes dirty with their touch. People who do this in practical are the first ones who want to raise money for charity at public events, by emptying others' pockets!
But if you really want to help someone in need, make sure you are the first one to empty your pocket at such charity events. It's not necessary that these events have to be boring and dull with no activities, but they can be fun by organizing games as well. If you are organizing an event like this, take a look at a few games to raise money for charity.

Games to Raise Money

Organizing games is a great way of involving the local community around your neighborhood for a good cause. These games could be on certain levels of competition or simply for the thrill of them.
Fundraising events which include many other activities also get generous donations as well as collections from people participating and watching these games. They are definitely a fun way of giving the audience enjoyment as well as a reason to contribute.
Fundraising events for charity can be on a large-scale and on a small local scale like in schools and in the neighborhood. But whatever is the degree of the event, it is used to raise money for a helping cause.
Poker: Gambling is one fun game when you know you're raising money for someone else! If you are organizing a charity event, poker can be one of the best choices to raise money for charity.
You can also set a mini casino with easy casino games and give people a short experience of Vegas in your own town, if you want to make this activity fun.
Though gambling is said to be a bad thing, as you can turn into a "zero from a hero", in a few minutes, being the gamers raising money for charity doesn't sound bad at all! So, if you really want to raise a lot of money for charity, "take 'em gambling".
Field Games: Another great idea of organizing charity on a larger scale is, to have tournaments of a few very well-known field games like soccer, baseball, ice-skating, basketball, football, athletics, swimming, etc.
These games help in a very special way, as they are organized with teams which are people's favorites. Therefore, millions of people come to see them play against each other, and before you know it, you have raised more than enough money for your cause. These are considered as great ways to raise money for charity.
Raffle Rounds: Raffles are also a great way of raising big amounts of money from people for a good cause. Raffles are used in carnivals, festivals and as party games when you have to buy your tickets for a certain amount.
After the end of a certain time period, once all the raffle tickets are sold out, there is a lucky draw wherein you can win great prizes for yourselves. These are a great fundraiser as it is complete entertainment to cheer for those who have bought the most number of tickets.
There are many other games like marathons, charity golf events, game shows, talent shows, etc.
It has been rightly said, "when you give generously, you get generously"! Make attempts to help someone survive by sharing your blessings. So, go ahead and have fun with these great games used to bring a smile on a needy stranger's face!