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Gender Roles in the Workplace

Mubasherin Sayed Oct 12, 2018
Gender roles can be distinguished in every part of life. Here is some information about the gender roles in the workplace and the difference between their responsibilities.
Roles of a particular person undoubtedly depend upon his or her gender. It makes them a different personality in every aspect that is, biologically and mentally. The society expects a particular behavior pattern from the two genders - male and female.
They are expected to behave in a certain way which makes them an acceptable part of the society. The difference in the gender roles can be observed everywhere including the workplace.
While women are believed to entrust upon 'coaction' at the workplace, men prefer to work independently. Let us find out more about the roles of both in the workplace.
Gender Difference in the Workplace
The roles in the workplace are different for both the sexes. However, these differences are likely to diminish with time and advancement.

Background at Workplace

People generally say that women have come a long way and can compete men in any field. Earlier there was a gender discrimination in the field of education, but now, the scenario has changed to an extent.
The percent of females taking education has doubled in the past years, leading to the postponement of marriages.
The companies now hire more women as educational and work opportunities for girls have increased tenfold, giving them a chance to utilize their knowledge and prove their skills.
The number of females taking up jobs in various fields including the managerial posts have increased substantially. However, women have to possess special management skills as compared to men working in the same organization. They have to be more talented and dedicated towards their work, even if they are working for the same post or at the same level.
It is observed that though the number of female employees are growing in the workplace, their compensation is still on the lower side as compared to their male counterpart. This gives us a clear picture of gender discrimination at workplace.

Mental Differences

Apart from the physical differences, there exist the mental differences which distinguish both the genders. The females are more stronger in their language skills which enhances their writing skills, whereas the males are stronger in their visual skills which improves their grasping ability.

Gender Responsibilities

Women have attained a high position in the workplace. However, there is still a vast difference in the gender responsibilities. Working women still have to fulfill the responsibilities of a perfect homemaker though they are working. They have to look after all the household chores even after being busy for the whole day.
Though there are some men who help out with the chores, women are still the primary doers of the house and are expected to fulfill all the responsibilities. The gender responsibilities differ even at the workplace. Women have to prove their skills more efficiently being on the same level at times, which results into discrimination at the workplace.
However, now the scenario has changed to a great extent. Women can no longer be harassed or forced to anything against their wish and will. There is greater awareness among people about different laws regarding sexual harassment and workplace safety.
The companies are now introducing new policies which are more flexible and family-friendly like job sharing and on site child care for both men and women.
Although, situations are improving due to advancement, discrimination can still be observed at some places. However, there is a possibility of further improvement in the coming years where the policies implemented will prove to be favorable for everyone.