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Tips for a Green Card Interview

The consequences of going unprepared for an immigration interview can be quite upsetting. These valuable green card interview tips can be useful.
Ujwal Deshmukh Sep 29, 2018
Applying for a green card includes more than having your documents ready; it also involves preparing for the intimidating interview. People going unprepared can face issues like immediate denial, arrest at the time of interview, or deporting back to the country of origin. With the procedure getting more strict, bear a few points to avoid these situation.

Essential Tips

Be on Time

If you have cleared the application process, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) sends you a prior intimation with the date and venue of the interview. Ensure that you reach minimum 30 minutes before the schedule. Certain items as lighters, cell phones, liquids like perfumes, sharp objects, are not permitted inside the premises.

Wait for your Lawyer

It is not advisable to be interviewed without the presence of an experienced immigration attorney/lawyer to deal with legal issues.

Dress Suitably

Immigration officers tend to judge people on their manner of appearance. Therefore, it is advised that both men and women should turn up in decent formal attire. Avoid wearing shorts or flip flops.

Be Patient and Listen Keenly

The officer expects one to be direct, specific, and logical with the answers. Carefully listen the questions, and don't give hasty answers. Being too silent is also bound to ignite doubts in the officer's mind. Think before you speak. You are made to wait for a long time to check your patience levels. Hence, staying calm and composed is the best thing to do.

Bring an Interpreter

If you are not very fluent in English, it is advisable to take an interpreter along. Please bear in mind that the interpreter cannot be a relative, and must be lawfully present in the United States.


Carry the list of necessary documents, and arrange them in a proper sequence. Remember to bring a set of originals as well as a photocopy of each of these documents.

Answer Carefully

Sometimes the officer tends to ask questions already answered in the green card application form. Therefore, ensure that your answers do not differ from the ones written in the form.

Common Interview Questions

The questions usually depend upon the reason for which you have applied.

» The name of the first President of the United States
» Political parties of the United States
» Flag description and capital of the country
» White House location and significance
» Names of states in the country, Independence Day of the United States
» The nature of work
» Work permit
» Organization status
» How did you acquire the job


» Date of marriage
» Birth details of the spouse
» Common hobbies
In case an applicant is denied a green card, then he/she can file form I-290B with the USCIS to appeal the denial. The appeal is chargeable and must be filed within thirty days of the notification. In the end, just remember to be calm, patient, and confident to come out with flying colors.