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How to Collect Unemployment Benefits

How to Collect Unemployment Benefits
In these times of financial crisis, any money is welcome, isn't it? Here, we give you the steps of how to collect unemployment benefits, so that you can get some much-needed money.
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Also known as unemployment insurance, collecting unemployment benefits is a scheme prepared by the federal government, wherein if you are unemployed, you get money so that you can pay for your basic living costs. The money you receive is for a specific period of time, which varies in different states, till you find a new job.
There are criteria set by the government, especially those with wages earned and number of years worked, and it's only if you meet those that you can think of applying for unemployment benefits. You will have to be employed for the last one year to claim benefits. Moreover, you need to provide good reasons for quitting your job, or else you may not be qualified.
Additionally, if you have quit for pursuing a self employment opportunity or you were not in good health while quitting or fired for misbehavior, you are not eligible. But, if you qualify then how to collect unemployment? The following paragraphs will give you that, especially in two major states of California and Florida. Most of the rules applicable in these states is similar to other states, but you need to check with the office in your state.
Collecting Unemployment Benefits
In California
As per Californian law, temporary compensation is provided to unemployed people, who meet the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria includes a person being employed for the last one year and they must receive a specified amount as wage. The details of specific amount of wage is available in the California Employment Development Department.
You can find a form which you need to fill up and submit, so that would indicate that you have applied for unemployment benefits. You need to prove to the authorities that it was not due to any fault of yours that you were rendered unemployed. Additionally, you also need to file ongoing claims, besides responding to your queries related to your future eligibility. If you have any kind of income from any kind of work you may have been doing, you need to report that. You also need to give detailed account of job offers which you may have got.
The process of filing for unemployment is simple, you can do it online or even make a phone call. While filling up the online application form or making a phone call, keep the names, addresses and dates of your previous employers handy. Moreover, you also need to get all notifications which are associated with your employment, like layoff, termination or severance letter with you, as these would be required while showing the documents during verification. Your applicable amount varies depending on your salary, but the limit is US $450. Nevertheless, this amount can change and that depends on how many people file a claim.
In Florida
The rules of filing for collecting unemployment in Florida are same to that of California, but the unemployment office in Florida may apply its own formula, and limit of benefits which you may be applicable. You need to check with the employment office for that, and get details of the amount.
You need to provide the correct information, so that the process flows smoothly and you can receive the benefits within a short period of time. In case you have migrated from another state, unemployment claim should be filed in the state where you were employed. For details on this, you should go through the website of the office where you reside now. Moreover, till the time you don't start receiving it, you can keep applying every week or two.
So there is a set process of collecting unemployment which you need to follow. Make sure that as soon as you are unemployed, you apply for benefits, or else, your application may be rejected.