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How to Mail a Letter

How to Mail a Letter

Here's information about mailing a letter in the U.S. or any international destination. This article also talks about how to send a letter anywhere in the world, and how much it costs. Have a look.
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No doubt letter-writing is fading away, but there are occasions when sending one is a requirement. For example, if one of your loved ones is staying abroad, you need to send a mail to keep in touch with them.

The most important things that you need to be equipped with, are:
  • Paper for writing
  • Pen or any other writing material
  • Envelope: You will have the recipient's postal address on it.
  • Address: You need to have the recipient's detailed address which has to be inclusive of the PIN code.
  • Glue / Sticking tape: This is for sealing the letter.
  • Postage stamps: This is the most essential item.

Once you have written the letter, place it inside the envelope, and affix a postage stamp of the required value on it. Now, seal the envelope with glue, and write the address of the recipient on it. Well, in the addresses section, many times it is imperative to give your i.e. the sender's information too. This is not only for record keeping but more importantly to know whom to return the mail in case of non delivery or misplacement.

Then comes the place where to post the mail. You will find letter boxes, like the one shown in the picture above, at various places in the city, and you have to drop your mail inside it. To know what time of the day the postman comes to collect and clear the mails, the letter boxes have time written on them. If you do not find any letter boxes around, you can visit the nearest post office and can drop your letter there.


Well, composing and sending an email is much simpler than sending a mail by post. When sending an email, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:
  • Create an account with a webmail provider, such as Yahoo! or Gmail.
  • Login to your account, using your user id and password.
  • Click on the Compose button to open a new mail window that looks similar to a MS Word file.
  • Type your message here. You can choose from a list of font families and font sizes, and also use bold, underline, or italics tags, or choose from a wide range of font colors.
  • If you need to send an image or any other document along with the mail, such as your CV, just click on the Attach button and upload the file to the server.
  • Once you're done with composing the mail, just enter the email address of the recipient in the address box and click on Send.
Thus, sending an email is just a click away, and is not a big deal, because once you open your account, you will find all the options on the window.

An information that I would like to present here is that the US postal service is thinking of changing the norm of delivering the mails from six days a week to having two holidays i.e. making it to just five days a week.

Basic information on mailing a letter remains the same as mentioned here. So, lastly I would like to say that keep up the habit of writing letters because though traditional, nothing beats the happiness of receiving a letter from someone you love, and it is more effective than any other way of written communication.