Traffic Stop for Drunk Driving

How to Prevent Drunk Driving

How to prevent drunk driving? The following article provides answer to this query. Read on...
Teenage Boy Drinking Beer and Spilling While Driving Car
It is estimated that almost sixteen thousand cases of death are reported each year in America due to drunk driving. Alarming, isn't it? Despite such horrifying statistics, many people still indulge in driving under the influence of alcohol. Little do they realize that by doing so, they are putting their fellow passenger's as well as people on the street's life in danger. In fact, statistics reveal that half of all the traffic accidents that occur are due to drunk driving! That's why, it is high time that steps are taken at all levels - individual, government and community level, to curb this menace.
Plan campaigns against drunk driving, both at the national and the state level. Through these campaigns, people should be made aware of the ill effects of driving while drinking as well as the steps that they can take to avoid it. For instance, people should be made aware that if they are going to a bar or to a party in a group, they should either hire a driver to drive them back or one of them should take on the responsibility of others, by not drinking and driving everyone else safely home.
Personal Responsibility
Nothing can be done in this direction, unless and until people take on personal responsibility. People should make it a point to never let anyone drive in an intoxicated state. If they know that someone, whether an acquaintance or a friend has had alcohol and he is not in the right frame of mind to drive, they should arrange for someone else to drive them home or should themselves take responsibility of driving the said person home.
Formulation of Stricter Laws
Formulate laws, both at the state and the federal level, to ensure that the menace caused by drunken driving can be kept in check. There should be stricter laws, such as those who are caught driving under the influence of liquor should be made to serve time in jail. Invocation of license or disallowing a person to drive for a month, upon being caught driving drunk, are some other laws that can be put into action.
Drunk driving incidents are very common amongst the teens. So, parents and teachers should guide them on how not to indulge in drinking. Parents should keep a close watch on teen parties and get together, which their children are organizing and attending. No alcohol should be allowed at this age as the law in America prohibits people below 21 to possess or consume alcohol in any form.
The liquor stores, restaurants, supermarkets and bars should ensure that they do not serve liquor to those who are below the age of 21. As youngsters are more likely to binge drink and take risks like driving while drinking, this will prevent many untoward incidents related to drunk driving. Also, if the bar or restaurant staff feel that any of their guests is so drunk that he is not in a position to drive back home himself, they should take his car keys and offer to call a cab for him or call any of his family member/friend, to take him away.
Sometimes, interfering in other's life can save it! This is especially true in case of drunk driving. So, if a person spots someone whom they suspect is driving under the influence of liquor, they should contact the police immediately and give the authorities the said vehicle's license plate number. This can prove to be very useful to the authorities to ensure the driver's as well as the pedestrian's safety.
For those who are addicted to drinking, the most important tip for preventing drunk driving is to first get rid of this problem, join alcohol anonymous and take therapy to treat the same. As a person is able to control his urge to drink alcohol, it will automatically reduce his chances of ending up driving drunk on the streets.
There is no doubt about the fact that drunk driving should be prevented and put an end to, at all costs. With the tips suggested above and a bit of effort on the part of people and the government, it certainly is possible!