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Is Feminism Relevant?

Kanika Goswami Jun 6, 2019
Feminism is passe, or is it? Is it a real fight or just a misguided war? Who will benefit by the victory? Some more thought provoking questions are put forth here.
Centuries have passed since Eve tempted Adam with the apple of knowledge, and the humankind is still paying. There is no getting away from the fact that the fundamental differences between men and women make them warring sides, the first bugle of which sounded in the Garden of Eden.
The war wages on, each side claims victory, each side claims superiority and we are, after a couple of thousand years, still in the throes of ecstasy whenever the topic of the luscious apple is brought up. After all, it was the original sin, the first tasty, juicy bite responsible for all the trouble.
So, at the beginning of the second millennium after Christ, we still haven't decided whether Adam was at fault or Eve. In contemporary context, we do not know if women are the led species or men.
Many cultures inherently consider women inferior for a variety of reasons. Most Eastern cultures have a hypocritical outlook towards the status of women in their society. They worship the Mother Goddess, and suppress the women in their lives.
The far Eastern civilizations, the Indian Vedic civilization, for instance, pays more homage to the Mother Goddess and the concept of Female power as in the power to destroy, than it attributes to any of its Gods.
Today, centuries later, they still worship the Divine Power but routinely torture the women in their culture. Many behavioral patterns in Asia are not sexist towards the females of the population, they are sub-human. This makes female independence a topic of Human Rights. But does it?
'Female abuse' is prevalent not only in these countries, but all over the world. To one's surprise, the women of such countries have become more aware in terms of knowledge and ability levels, even higher than their western counterparts. The western counterparts are also in the same boat in today's life and times.
After all, a rape, is a rape, whether it is in the US or Iran or India. It is but natural for the educated part of the female population to make a lot of noise about the issues, they consider important to the cause of independence for women. But in most cases, these issues are not the real problems in their entirety.
The question really is, are these women shouting themselves hoarse over something that does not matter at all in the long run? The idea of women's equality is so often rubbed in, that it has become threadbare and at best, the butt of many chauvinistic jokes, made not only male but even female.
What is the concept of an independent woman? One who can ignore the role that nature has ordained for her? One who can open the doors for herself, earn as much as her male counterpart, and ignore that her body is designed to nurture life? Is this a wise idea? If a woman denies the fact that she was born to bear the next generation, is she helping anyone?
The man's body is designed to be the provider, the woman's to nurture. The man never stops providing, so what are women standing up against? Their own nature. Bra burning may be a great idea, but whose linen are we finally hanging out? Then, is feminism really helping women across the world? Is it really helping anyone at all?
Those little kids who are caught up in the cross fire of a power game between their parents? Or the woman who, weary of fighting a cause with her husband, looks for another partner, only to take up cudgels with him thereafter? Or maybe the man, who has never been able to figure out just what's happening... why isn't the dinner ready yet?
Why on earth do women want equality? Why do they want to backtrack on the abilities that they have been provided in nature, that are superior to men in some ways? Then again, how can the genders be compared? Science has proven that the human male is as different from the human female as maybe from a tigress.
Except for the arrangement of limbs, they have almost nothing in common, the thinking process, the chemistry.... nothing. Then how can the man be the yardstick for the emancipation of the female of the species?
How can a woman want to surpass a creature that she is not like? She likes love, he wants sex, she wants peace, he wants violence, she appreciates the sunset, and he waits for his time for a sundowner; the list is endless. As a popular book says, they are from completely different planets.
One is the God of War and the other is the Goddess of beauty. How can the two, ever meet or compete? Their weapons are different, their ground rules are different, and their fights are in different universes.
Why on earth, would a woman want to be like a man? Why should she fight for such a lost cause? We can understand a fight for a higher income, for who cooks dinner tonight, for who goes to the school with the child.
But why and how could she ever think of denying herself the pleasures that her body needs; that of motherhood, of the touch of her own child... of the knowledge that she has produced a human being, all hers! She can create... why should she not want all that because she wants to get into some race, which will get her no pleasures, only weariness? Why?
Will the real feminists please stand up and tell all what are they fighting for, after all? A place on Mars, when you actually belong to Venus? If you are still not convinced, just try to think of the idea of settling down on moon.