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Is Seeking a New Career Path Right for You?

Finnegan Pierson Dec 4, 2019
Making the decision to choose a new career path in your life can be an exciting choice for any individual. However, it can be stressful thing also to handle.
Many lucrative jobs may require a degree that can take long to complete, especially if you have responsibilities. However, there may be jobs that are rewarding and do not take many years to train for. If you think a job in medical aesthetics might be good for you, here are few things to consider.

What Are Medical Aesthetics

Many are familiar with aestheticians and know they typically work in a spa, however not everyone is familiar with a medical aesthetician, or medical aesthetic training and exactly what it is.
In ways a medical aesthetician is similar to an aesthetician, however they tend to work in medical or dermatological offices and may deal with more invasive procedures.
They often provide skin care procedures and products and consult with prospective patients about what the best strategy may be for caring for their skin.

Education on Your Timeline

While attaining a college degree can take years, many are often able to complete their training in a year or less. Additionally, most schools offer both full time and part time training, so that you can learn at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle.
After you have completed your training, you will need to complete a certification exam so that you can get licensed. However, requirements tend to vary from state to state, so it can be important to research specific requirements where you live.
Additionally, it can also be important to do some research about the schools you are considering so that you can ensure they are properly accredited.

Helping Others

One thing that draws many to this profession is that they get to work with and help others. Much of the work of a medical aesthetician involves consulting with clients and helping them develop a strategy to solve cosmetic and minor medical issues.
A person's appearance can be a sensitive and important part of their life, and helping them to look and feel their best can be a rewarding experience.

Potential to Grow

Another benefit that draws many to this field is the potential it may offer to grow. In this field, there can be many things to learn and specialize in, even after you have completed your training, so you may have unlimited potential to grow your expertise if you would like. This field seems to be growing and affording new opportunities to those interested.


Something else that appeals to many interested in this field is the opportunities that it offers for flexibility. There is more than one setting in which a medical aesthetician may work. Some work in hospitals, while others work in dermatological or medical offices or medical spas.
While some medical aestheticians may work exclusively at one place, others choose to work in a more freelance style and hold contracts with more than one institution, so that they can have some control over where they work, as well as when and how much they work, as well.

The Bottom Line

While deciding on a new career path can be intimidating, it can be exciting as well. Knowing that you have options and that there are career opportunities available that can have a positive impact on your earning potential without needing years of schooling can help empower you to make a positive change in your life and the direction of your career.
So, if you enjoy working with others and like the idea of helping them look their best, there can be many benefits to becoming a medical aesthetician. From getting involved in a new and exciting career to increasing your earning potential, to helping others, there is more than one reason why many are becoming increasingly interested in this field.