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Mechanization & BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Sapan Shah Jun 6, 2019
Here we look at various aspects of mechanization and how it affects different societies and nations. Also a relation is drawn between automation and Business Process Outsourcing phenomenon, which is breaking the backbone of the very system that created it.
Third-world countries carry the curse of over-population. India, China, Brazil and many of the African countries are densely populated and their per-capita income is less than advanced countries like USA and UK, as most of the production and daily businesses and life in backward countries depend upon manual labor and less mechanization or automation.
More people demand more jobs. As the wave of industrialized world spread through different corners of the globe, jobs started tilting towards service sector thus creating demand and supply imbalance. Machines now do most of the work, which was earlier done by physical force.
Thousands of jobs are reduced to hundreds and hundreds into tens but the supply of human capital never stands still. It increases every-day. This gap between supply and demand creates an unhealthy society, where out of frustration and no respectful work, people fall into traps of crime, easy money and comfort, thereby paralyzing the structure of governance.
To put it bluntly, mechanization becomes evil in a labor intensive society. It divides the masses into two broad categories whereby more educated and cosmopolitan enjoy the accesses of life whereas the remaining ones, which are more in number, life live of utter poverty, non-recognition and humility.
But more population and low cost of living has now created another world order we commonly call Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Again, India and China are the forerunners as far as BPO is concerned mainly due to infinite human resources available and low cost of living as compared to the West.
It is prevalent across industries, like Information Technology, Medicines & Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and even Entertainment. BPO is a competition they have to live with.
BPO consists of outsourcing various processes to companies or individuals who are specialized in their fields. Due to low working cost and overheads, companies in the West favor outsourcing their jobs outside their own land, thereby creating competition for the people who helped create such opportunities.
The same people, who made technology and are automating every possible process known to man, are now fighting to stay in business. Repercussions of using the technology to break the competition, has in a way triggered a worldwide phenomenon, which no one can stop. After all, there will always be some tasks, which only humans can do.