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Purple Heart Donations

Marian K Sep 29, 2018
The Purple Heart is a military decoration that was first instituted by George Washington on August 7, 1782.
At that point of time, it was called the Badge of Military Merit, and the original order included the phrase, "Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the purple heart has given his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen."
This award was revived on the 200th Anniversary of George Washington's birth, as the Purple Heart, and appears as a heart-shaped medal within a gold border, containing a profile of General Washington himself. Above the heart is a shield of the George Washington (a white shield with two red bars and three red stars in chief) between sprays of green leaves.
The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a national veteran's service organization that is chartered by the Congress. The objective of this non-profit organization is to raise funds for service, welfare, educational programs, and rehabilitation work for any wounded, disabled and/or handicapped veterans, their widows, orphans or survivors.
Funds used to support and maintain liaison services in any or all offices of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, soldier's homes or other administration of veteran's affairs, wherever and whenever required. Qualified with the Internal Revenue Service as an organization exempt from income tax under I.R.C. Section 501 (c)(4) on February 26, 1959.
Donating to the Military Order of the Purple Heart has many benefits. One receives from giving, that you donate to a legitimate organization that has been around for a long time, and you give back in a small way to those who have been injured or killed while fighting for your safety. Another incentive is that these donations are 100% tax deductible.
Purple heart donations can be in the form of usable household appliances, clothes, cell phones, cars. People are expected to donate only those used items that are functional and in decent condition. They make the process extremely easy by offering a pickup facility. All one needs to do is contact them on any of their toll free numbers, and request a pickup.
Keep in mind that not all locations are equipped to pick up large items, and verify with the staff member that you speak to, informing them of what you wish to donate. People can also donate their old cell phones. The purple hearts charity may get a certain amount of money for each phone that contributes towards calling cards for overseas military members.
Another form of donation is to sponsor a program that aids veterans, and be financially rewarded at the same time by becoming a telephone solicitor. Cash donations are also accepted.
Their car donation program is very popular and can be initiated by filling the online donation form or calling any of their toll free numbers. After providing your car donation information, you will be contacted by a towing company that will schedule a convenient pickup date. Along with your vehicle they will also pick up the title and keys.
If you are a busy person and not likely to be home, it is still possible to get your vehicle picked up. All you need to do is inform the towing company where in the vehicle will you be leaving the title and keys.
They will come pick up your vehicle while you are away, and leave a towing receipt. Once they are in possession of the vehicle and title, they will mail your IRS tax-deductible donation receipt in approximately 10-15 business days.