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Rubber Bracelets for a Cause

Kanika Khara Oct 13, 2018
In recent years, rubber bracelets have been used to symbolize and support various causes. Here are the different causes and specifications associated with these rubber bracelets.
Rubber bracelets are a unique and attractive way to represent devotion or concern towards a cause, sports team, or even an identity. They are wide flat bands that can be stretched to fit around the wrist or forearm.
In 2004, the Lance Armstrong Foundation came forward with its yellow LiveStrong bracelets, sold for $1 each, which instantly became a hit with over 50 mn bracelets sold by 2005. Commonly designed and sold as a fundraiser, the trend of wearing rubber bracelets for a cause started with this foundation's idea for raising money for cancer research and education.
The main concept behind these bracelets is that the money collected by selling them goes to a non-profitable organization engaged in important fundraising for medical research and development.
The prime ideology behind Lance Armstrong's attempt was to unite people living with cancer under a single organization that promotes the possibility for victims to 'LiveStrong', while combating the disease and searching for a cure.
The money raised by selling these rubber bands is used for research, awareness, and prevention. For example, red rubber bracelets are typically worn in support for heart disease prevention or HIV/AIDS awareness.

Rubber Bracelets Worn for a Cause

For Cancer

Since many cancer patients die every year, rubber bracelets are used to contribute considerably to cancer research. In 2004, millions of bracelets were sold, and the money collected was donated to research labs where scientists are finding a cure for cancer. These bracelets, also called LiveStrong, are a ray of hope for cancer patients all across the world.

For Breast Cancer

Rubber bracelets for breast cancer are commonly worn by survivors, patients undergoing treatment, and their loved ones.Unlike LiveStrong bands that come only in yellow color, these bracelets come in all shades of pink, from bright pink to pale pink, and some are even marbleized or pink camouflage.
These inexpensive bracelets are a great way to generate awareness and funds about breast cancer.

For Diabetes

These are primarily designed to spread awareness about diabetes all across the world. They come in different range of color like orange, white, green, red, and blue. Some bracelets even have messages inscribed on them like 'Cure Diabetes Today', 'Help Cure Diabetes', or 'Insulin is not a Cure'.
In fact, there are some bracelets for diabetic patients that show the health, diabetes type, and all other important parameters related to it.

For Fundraisers

Fundraising rubber bracelets are an innovative way of raising money for a school, charity, or some other cause. There are mainly two basic possibilities for rubber bracelets for fundraisers, one is to sell the bracelet and donate the money to a charitable cause.
This is the easiest way as the bracelets can be purchased from any drug or discount store. Other way is to sell bracelets that specifically support or advertise a cause, for instance, breast cancer awareness campaigns.
These bracelets for a cause not only provide financial support to the victims or patients, but also give much-needed mental and emotional support that the victims need. Many inspirational messages can be written on them to encourage the benefits of living a healthy and safe life.
So take time to choose these bracelets, add your words of love, hope, and endearment to them, and share with your family and friends, as this will surely make a positive difference in someone's life.