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Do You Think iPods Should Be Allowed in School?

Should iPods Be Allowed in School?
Whether to allow music players and gadgets in school has been a matter of debate for quite a long time. Allowing iPods in school has its set of benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, it would be unfair to put a complete ban on iPods in school just because a few students don't use them responsibly. Should iPods be allowed in school or not is a decision that depends mainly on how students use them, besides other factors.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Lighter Backpack
There are many applications like the calculator, thesaurus, and dictionary, which can be installed on the iPod. Allowing its use can reduce the contents in a student's backpack, to some extent.
Whether or not iPods should be allowed in school is debatable. The idea of putting rules and restrictions on the use of a device or gadget at school is one which is generally welcomed by teachers, and opposed by students. There are those who support the idea of allowing gadgets at school, however, not at the expense of academic performance. Then there are those who are totally against allowing them in school. There has to be some compromise so as to reach a consensus on this issue.

The iPod is a music player that has changed the way people listen to music. Even those who didn't much listen to music regularly became music enthusiasts overnight. So, why are school authorities opposed to allowing this device in their premises? Well, there are many reasons why iPods are not allowed in schools. The most important of them is its irresponsible use which causes disturbance in the smooth running of the class. Let us find what else leads to imposing a ban on the usage of iPods in school.
Is it Right to Allow iPods in School?
The decision on whether to ban or allow iPods in school needs to be taken after considering both sides of the debate. If allowing it in school proves to be of more use rather than a hindrance in proceedings, then allowing it makes sense.
Benefits of Allowing iPods in School
Girls listening music
The iPod can be used by students to access a variety of educational apps. Such applications can assist students in making progress in their studies. If responsibly used, an iPod can be of great help to students.
Students can benefit from the use of an iPod when they are doing individual work. By listening to an iPod they can cut out noise and focus on their work properly. If they can do their homework while listening to music on an iPod, there shouldn't be any problem listening to it in the classroom either, other than when a lecture is on.
Student Listening music during lunch time
An iPod is not used just for fun or recreation. Students benefit in their studies from running music in the background. Music puts the mind at ease, and enables it to work faster. The iPod, in such cases, proves to be beneficial and not harmful at all. The waiting period between classes and lunch time can be made enjoyable if you have your iPod to listen to. It could help students relax before the start of a class.
Few schools in the United States have supported the idea of using iPods while at school, especially for bilingual students with limited English ability. These students can improve grammar skills and increase their vocabulary by listening to English songs on the iPod.
Disadvantages of Allowing iPods in School
Students listening music
An iPod can be distracting when students use it and don't pay attention in the classroom. In such cases, listening to an iPod would not allow them to concentrate properly. Most teachers are opposed to students using the iPod, for this very reason.
Listening to an iPod all the time is an addiction. It is not the same as listening to music for some time for recreational purposes. Therefore, students, at least during classroom hours, should abstain from using an iPod.
The possibility of an iPod getting stolen in the school is one of the reasons why it is not allowed. It would be safe to keep the iPod off school limits.
Another factor which needs to be taken into account is over-dependence on technology. Technology could prove to be helpful in the learning process; however, its overuse can diminish students' learning abilities to a great extent, and make them too dependent on gadgets for help.
Taking a Balanced Approach
Whether iPods would affect a student's performance or not is dependent solely on how the student in question uses it. The device can be used wisely to learn and also for relaxation. It is not just music files but educational content too which can also be stored and listened to and used. Therefore, the decision to allow or ban iPods in schools should be taken considering how useful it would be over and above the various cons. If the school authorities can ensure its proper use, and the students oblige, then there isn't any reason why it should be banned in the school premises.