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Social Security Card: Name Change After Marriage

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 06, 2018
Getting your name changed on official documents such as social security card is a must for a married woman, if she wishes to take up her husband's last name. You can learn all about it, here.
Every US citizen is given a unique 9 digit number, called Social Security Number (SSN). This number is issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA), an independent agency of Federal Government. SSA issues social security cards (SSCs) to US citizens bearing their respective SSN. This card is also be issued to some temporary or permanent non US citizens.
Earlier, the only use of a SSC was for taxation purpose. However, in recent times, it has emerged as a very important official document. SSC as a proof of identity is accepted in all government and non-government agencies.
Needless to say, every American citizen must be in possession of this very important document. Any social security name change procedure must be completed in due time. Name change on a social security card is mandatory for women after getting married, to avoid any legal implications.


Name change after marriage is a must to avoid delay in filing tax returns, as well as to avail social security benefits. Since, this is a very important government document you will be required to present it on several occasions. Hence, it is a must that you should be in possession of a valid social security card.
A card bearing your maiden name will not be considered valid, once you get married, and adopt your husband's name. The procedure for changing your name on a SSC is not a tedious one. However, you might be required to produce several documents as proofs of your identity, citizenship, birth, etc.

1.Download an Application Form

In order to change your name on new social security card you need to fill form 'SS-5'. This form is available on the official website of SSA. Read the instructions for filling application form very carefully. Take a print of this application form if you intend to take it to the social security office in your area.

2.Locate the SSA Office in Your Area

To locate the SSA office in your area, simply type the zip code of your area on the address locator provided on the SSA website. The subsequent pages will guide you to the SSA office in your area. Fill the requisite information in the application form including your maiden/old name, new name, contact details, citizenship status, the date, and your signature.

3.Gather All Documents

Compile all the necessary legal and government documents in support of your application. The list of documents that you will need are:

☛Birth Certificate:
US born citizens can carry their birth certificate or passport as a proof of birth. Foreign born US citizens can produce certificate of citizenship/naturalization, or a consular report of birth.
☛Marriage Documents:
Marriage documents such as marriage license are a must while applying a social security name change. In addition to these, you will also need to carry photo-identity cards with your maiden or old name. If you are applying for name change after more than 2 years of your marriage, then SSA may ask for additional proofs.
☛Identity Proofs:
Passports, driver's license can all account for an identity proof. Non-US citizens can produce immigration documents. Employee ID, military card, health insurance card are also considered as valid proofs of identity.
The requirements for social security name change vary for each state or even county. Hence, inquire with your local SSA office to know the requirements in your particular state of residence.