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Social Security Number (SSN) and Card Information

Social Security Number (SSN) and Card Information

Here is some useful information about Social Security Number and Cards.
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What is Social Security Number(SSN)?

Social Security number is a nine-digit number that is issued to the citizens of United States who are permanent residents of the country and also to temporary or working people who live there. It is the most important number assigned to everyone in the U.S. irrespective of the fact that they work there or are permanent residents of the country. The number is required at most of the places; it is your identity as a U.S. citizen. It cats like an identification number. If a bank account has to be opened, to apply for a credit card, to get a driver's license or to get your car financed, a social security number is required. Social Security administration issues the Social Security Number and the offices of the former are located in most of the important cities and towns.

To get a Social Security Number you can go to the nearest office of Social Security Administration, in case you don't know the address, you can go online and find it out or you can also call their toll-free number that is 1-800-772-1213.The documents that you require to apply for an original (which means you never had a card and you are applying for it for the first time) Social Security Number apart from the completed application form (Form SS-5) are as follows:
  • Document proving that you have U.S. citizenship- birth certificate, passport, Certificate of Naturalization and Certificate of Citizenship, it can be any of the given.
  • Document proving age-Birth certificate
  • Identity proof-driver's license or passport.
So once you apply for a Social Security Number and submit all the documents, an interview would be conducted and the Social Security Card is issued.

The Social security Number is divided into three parts of three numbers each. The first three numbers are assigned by your geographical location based on the zip code of the place. The next two digits represent the group they belong to. This is not a significant piece of information that the U.S. government requires. Though the base on which these two numbers differ is the ethnic background of the person though the theory is overlooked as an urban legend. The last four digits are the serial numbers that represent a numerical sequence of digits.

What are the needs of a Social Security Number?
  • The primary purpose of this number is to track down a person's accounts with the Social Security Program. It is a kind of identity for the individuals residing in the U.S. Credit History, banking history, employee records; everything is recorded with reference to the Social Security Number. The military services also consider the social security number as the identification tool.
  • The U.S. government has started some of these benefit programs for Unemployed people, Retired senior citizens, Disability insurance, Prescription drug benefits, Supplemental Security check, Social Security check and others and to avail any of these citizens need to provide their Social Security Number.
  • To file taxes to the U.S. governments, citizens require their Social security Numbers.
  • the Social security Number is required in case of Tax claims because whenever there is a change in the tax structure the money that you have already paid can be refunded.

Types of Social Security Numbers or Cards

There are three types of Social Security cards or numbers available and they are as follows:
  • Unrestricted Card which is given to the permanent U.S. residents and permanent citizens. There is no comment on the card and the people holding this kind of Social Security Card are free to any kind of legal work in the U.S. and can work for any firm in the country without taking any kind of permission.
  • Restricted Cards are given to the temporary workers in the U.S. and who can only for one worker in the country. So restricted cards can be divided into two types again wherein one has this kind of statement written on it, that is, Not Valid For Employmentand the other reads Valid For work Only With Authorization.The former cards cannot be used as proof of work authorization and the latter ones can be used by the card holders as temporary work authorization in country.
  • Non-work card reads Not Valid For Employment.It is issued to people who need to avail of a benefit or a service to which a U.S. citizens can have access to.
Social Security Numbers should be kept very carefully because there are numerous cases of Identity theft which can be avoided by being a little careful.