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The Basics of Criminal Law

Here’s a quick rundown on criminal law.
Modern Times Apr 20, 2019
Criminal law can be daunting. If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s never a bad idea to consult with a team of professionals, such as one of many reliable Denver criminal defense lawyers.

Even then, you may still want to know the basics of criminal law. Here is a breakdown of the major components, in a simplified form.


There are two types of crimes in a criminal law case. The first type is a felony, which is the more serious crime.

Felonies include murder, arson, kidnapping, and robbery. These types of crimes are generally punishable with at least a year of prison.


Misdemeanors are the second type of criminal charges, and the less serious of the two. A misdemeanor may including speeding, vandalism, trespassing, or being publicly intoxicated.

These offenses, while less serious, may still carry jail time (usually under a year), or a fine.

Determining Guilt

In a criminal trial, there are two components that make up whether or not you’re found guilty. A guilty act is the crime itself, meaning whether or not the activity conducted is illegal.

A guilty mind refers to your intent or state of mind when you committed the crime. This type of distinction makes the difference between murder and accidental manslaughter.


In a criminal trial, you’re guaranteed representation from a public defender. It’s important you trust your lawyer and believe that they will do right for you.

That’s why it may be worth consulting with other criminal defense teams that you can afford. They can give you other insight into your case, which may be helpful in how you’re sentenced.
Unlike the cursory understanding of criminal law you may have gained from watching television, these facts should be helpful if you ever be faced with a criminal trial.

Having a basic understanding can speed up your legal consultation and give you a better idea of your legal standing.