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What is Affirmative Action? Is it Good Or Bad for Our Community?

Charlie S May 12, 2019
Understanding what an affirmative action plan is, is very essential for people working in all types of establishments. Here's everything you need to know about this concept.
Discrimination is a tool used by rich, powerful, and influential people, to obstruct the progress and prosperity of the poor and needy, in order to move ahead of the pack. By creating obstacles in the path of the less fortunate, the stronger steal a man's right to access certain amenities and perks.
The effects of such discrimination can be dangerous and lead to stunting the progress of the less privileged by directing various resources and money towards the rich―a factor, prevalent around the world. The concept of affirmative action dictates, that equal treatment be offered to all individuals, without a preference for caste, race, color, or religion.

Summary of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action was first mentioned in the Executive Order 10925, signed on March 6, 1961 by John F. Kennedy. It outlined how to adhere to non-discriminating factors. Another form called the Executive Order 11246 was issued by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
It outlined how a person was to be accepted without considering his religion, race, or nation of origin, as a deciding factor while hiring for a government job. This allowed the minority to gain access to what a privileged group could otherwise easily attain, by not being judged for anything besides their experience and educational qualifications.
This concept allows a body to function without discrimination, allowing the less fortunate to secure a seat usually in a government or educational body; a certain percentage of seats is left unoccupied for the minority, a practice that is performed in many countries.

Good or Bad?

This brings to the forefront what is called, 'reverse discrimination'―where the affirmative action highlights its preferences for a minority by dictating certain rules, where it segregates the public by drawing attention to the minority.
The purpose of the action is to amend the discrimination that was shown towards minorities, by righting the wrongs of what was made popular in the early to mid 1970s. The broader view of this concept is that we still need to rectify the evils of discrimination even today, by forcing it as a tool to squash the injustices of a country's historic past. 
Issues related to skin color and an individual's gender, is a long-standing situation for many countries around the world. Today, more than ever, people are in support of affirmative action, simply because we still live in a world that is riddled with racism, gender-bias, male-domination, and unfair practices and treatment towards physically challenged.
While we swiftly glide into a modern-day era that is advancing with shocking momentum, as it changes and transforms lives every day, we still lack the ability, understanding, respect, and sense, to see others as equals.
The opportunity isn't granted to all given one's social and physical differences, where the concept of affirmative action strives to snuff the evils of not just our forefathers, but those who oppose this policy in present-day settings.