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Where to Buy Postage Stamps

Where to Buy Postage Stamps
At times, you may not get enough time to go to the post office and buy postage stamps. In such situations, you may resort to other methods for getting these stamps.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019
Earlier, you had to go to the post office, and stand in line for buying postage stamps. Nowadays, very few have time to buy postage stamps from post offices. So the national postal service has come up with some other methods, so as to make such transactions convenient to the customers.
Now, postage stamps are sold through ATMs, vending machines, and through authorized stores. You may also go for online purchase of these stamps.
Automated Teller Machine
Automated Teller Machine
Nowadays, most banks offer this service for customers holding debit and credit cards. Check with your bank for information on this service. To buy stamps from ATM, all you have to do is to insert the card, enter the pin, and select 'more options' on the screen.
If the bank offers this service, then you will find a 'buy postage' option in the 'more options'. Click on that, and enter the number and denomination of stamps you need, and the price. Approve and collect the stamps. It has been noted that some banks charge additional costs for this service, which may not be applicable for regular customers.
Online Stamp Purchase
Most of us prefer online purchasing for convenience. One of the easiest options is to visit the website of national postal service (United States Postal Service). You have to click on the option for online purchase of stamps, and enter the number and denomination of stamps you need. You have to make the payment with your debit or credit card.
You may also open an account with the national postal service. These online transactions will charge you with a nominal handling charge. You will get delivery of the stamps, within a few days from the date of placing the order. It is also possible that the national postal service outsources this service to certain other vendors.
You may find a list of such authorized vendors, from the website of the national postal service. You may buy postage stamps online, from such vendors, who will charge you with a service fee.
Authorized Stores
You may find certain stores (like, grocery stores, medical stores, or any other store) that are authorized to sell postage stamps. Look out for the postal service logo at stores that are authorized to sell the stamps. You may find these postal products at the cash counters or customer service desks.
Some of these stores may levy a nominal surcharge for this service. You may also find some stamp vending machines (installed by the national postal service) in shopping malls and other venues.
You may buy postal stamps from mail carrier. You may get stamps from a nearby post office. You don't have to stand in line, if the post office has a vending machine for stamps. You may try to locate a Post Office Express in your area. You may find such small post offices in malls and business centers. So buying postage stamps is no more tiring.