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Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice

Malpractice lawsuits are not uncommon in today's legal system. While the claims for compensation may be true or false, it is a fact that many patients in the US have successfully received compensations. Let us know more about medical malpractices in the dental industry.
Kundan Pandey
Dental procedures are dreaded by a large number of people and if something goes wrong in the process, the aggression from the patient's side assumes undefined intensity. Dental malpractice lawsuits are the usual end result with the patient demanding millions of dollars in compensation. It is a misconception amongst people that medical malpractice lawsuits like the dental malpractice cases are filed only after intentional wrongdoings of the dentist. Most of the time, negligent attitude of the dentists leads to post treatment complications or poor dental health leading to agonized patients filing malpractice lawsuits. It is a lesser know fact that lawsuits can also be filed against dentists, in case they fail to detect diseases like oral cancer or similar chronic complications which is compounded after several visits to the dentist.

Common Instances of Dental Malpractice Lawsuits
Dental patients have won millions of dollars in the recent years as a compensation due to negligent attitude of dentists. Here are some examples of dental cases that have been registered against dental professionals all across the USA.
  • Death due to wrong dental procedures.
  • Injury to the face during dental treatment.
  • Reaction to anesthesia leading to other medical complications.
  • Failure to diagnose periodontal and oral diseases on time.
  • Sores and injuries due to poor root canal procedures.
  • Gum problems, tooth weakness after dental treatments.
  • Failed treatments after completion of crowns and bridges.
  • Extraction of wrong tooth, multiple tooth extractions and hurt to the lips, tongue and inner nerves.
Reporting Dental Malpractices
Malpractice lawsuits have become a fad in the legal industry. Patients must exercise caution in filing lawsuits unless their charges are valid and they have really suffered quantifiable damages. Dental clinics and hospitals are aware of their financial securities these days and this industry has high standards of professionalism. Suing a dentist hence is not an easy case. If you have any complaint regarding a dentist, it is your duty to first write a letter to the respective State License Board, mentioning all that you are suffering as a part of the negligence on the part of the dentist. Now, your letter must be professional, devoid of any emotions or aggressive tone. Your complain should be specific, with everything mentioned in detail. You just can't assume anything. Your complaints will have gravity, only if you are clear with all the facts. You might not be having information about the dental acts violations. In case you study about it and find that some of the acts have been violated in your case, it is good, if you mention them. Since initial letter complain is the first step you must take, it is advisable to take help from an attorney.

Finding a Dental Malpractice Lawyer
Without the assistance of an expert lawyer, it is next to impossible to win a dental malpractice lawsuit. An attorney who has experience in this field will weigh your claims and the compensation you can get. He will advise you if it's worth the price to fight the case. Many times, the claims are done for small negligence and the compensation is relatively less than the price of filing the lawsuit, attorney's fee and other charges, so it doesn't make sense to experience more loss. A little research on the Internet will help you find a large number of legal agencies and lawyers who will help you fight a dental malpractice litigation. Without getting confused due to multitude of options, you should narrow down your search for lawyers in your state jurisdiction. Further many expert dentists have a law degree in malpractice litigation that makes them the best choice for attorneys to deal such cases. Search for a 'dentist lawyer', as he will be the best person to handle the case. Most of the legal firms recruit a dentist with law degree in malpractice litigation so you can choose one depending on your comfort. Knowing about the past track record of the dentist and his reputation as a lawyer can also help you to make sure that you are investing money at a right place.

Nobody wants to compromise with their dental health and it is indeed unfortunate if mistakes from expert dentists can compound dental problems. Malpractice lawsuits are certainly a great way to ensure that medical professionals don't take things for granted. However, if you are filing a lawsuit, ensure that your claims are agreeable to legal standards. Dentists are also not unaware of people who just make compensation claims for getting rich quickly and that is why, they prefer dental malpractice insurance to safeguard their financial life.