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Dr. Natura Scam?

Unraveling the Truth: Is Dr. Natura a Scam?

Colon cleansing scams are on an all time high. Let us have a look at one such scam, Dr. Natura scam. This OpinionFront article uncovers the truth behind it.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Everyone seems to be fixated with the health of their colon these days. Needless to say, the market is full of colon cleansing products. These products claim to relieve you of several bowel related disorders. They promise very 'happy' and 'satisfying' results for people having chronic colon problems. The effective advertising combined with promising testimonials lures the common people, who buy the product in a hope to get rid of colon problems. However, the real question is, are these products really worth all the hype? Dr. Natura is one such colon cleansing brand, which has introduced their product Colonix for complete colon cleanse.
Dr. Natura promises to completely detox your body and regularize your bowel movements. However, you need to take this product for at least a couple of months before you really experience some benefits. Within 3 to 4 days of taking this product, you may experience headaches and dizziness. However, that is an indication that the toxins are being flushed out of your body. These symptoms subside within a week of taking the product. You may also feel some bloating in your stomach. During this time, it is essential to take vitamin C supplements. After the detox effects, you are likely to feel more energetic, as a result of toxins leaving your body.
After the first week, you might notice some parasites in your stool. This may continue for a week or two, after which you may not notice any parasites. You may actually feel that you never have had any problem of parasites in your intestine. But the truth is that, a range of parasites make our colon their home. These parasites may slowly cause damage to your colon. Hence, it is important to cleanse your colon at least once a month to get rid of parasites.
During the first few weeks, you may notice a drastic change in the color, texture, and consistency of your stool. You might even have sudden bowel movements with cramping. However, the situation improves once your body starts getting rid of all the toxins and waste materials. Your bowel movement begins to regularize after a month or so, and your stools also become normal.
Does Dr. Natura Colonix Work?
Now that's the question everyone would like to be answered. A little insight into the working of colon may help to get to the root of this question. Human body has an impeccable property of functioning normally, in ideal conditions. It can also reverse minor damages to the body parts, and continue to work normally. Colon forms the end of the digestive system, and deals with removal of waste from the body. In normal circumstances, the colon diligently performs its function of removing the waste material and toxins in the form of fecal matter. However, your diet plays a vital role in determining the regular function of colon. Greasy, processed food, high-fat meat, and other such unhealthy foods can hamper the function of your colon to a great extent. You either suffer from constipation or diarrhea, both of which are an indication of poor bowel movements. Accumulation of toxins in the body is particularly dangerous as they mix in the bloodstream and get distributed all over the body. The damage done by such a diet cannot be reversed in a couple of months no matter what cleansing product you use. Even Dr. Natura parasite cleanse cannot help you, if you have been following an unhealthy diet for decades. It would be unwise to expect miraculous results in such short duration.
The testimonials of these products are mostly anecdotal. Although, there is no medical evidence that proves that these products really do anything to improve your colon function, there are scores of people, who swear by the efficacy of these products. However, if you check out the list of ingredients of these products, you will notice that they contain some form of psyllium husk fiber. This psyllium husk forms the main component of any fiber supplement. Thus, if you are wary about spending several dollars on this product, you may first try using cheap soluble fiber supplements, which produce similar results.
Whether Dr. Natura is a scam or not is highly debatable. You can probably give it try to check the results for yourself. However, there is no alternative to eating nutritious food with lots of fibers and exercising regularly. This way, your colon will never give you a reason to go back to artificial colon cleansing products.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.