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Disturbing Facts About Dog Fighting That'll Shake You to the Core

This article on dog fighting facts is an attempt to make people stop this inhuman behavior against man's best friend. Learn how disastrous dog fights can be for dogs as well as humans.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
You all must have seen and heard about wrestling where two people fight each other in a ring. Even though most of the time its scripted, most of us considered that as entertainment and some of us just can't see so much violence, but what if I told you that there are people in this world who make dog fights just for fun. Dog fighting is a sadistic underground, well-organized illegal game that still hasn't got the legal attention it deserves. This blood sport was started many years ago by the rich and the famous and later promoted to all areas of the United States. Today this sport is seen as a basis of pure entertainment and is popular in the rural and urban areas. This illegal activity is banned in the United States but is practiced regularly in almost every state. In a typical dog fight, two dogs are specifically bred and are trained to fight each other. On the day of the fight they are placed in a small area enclosed by plywood and they fight for entertainment and gambling.
Shocking Dog Fighting Facts
People who love animals would obviously feel sad looking at such practices against them. Making animals fight each other, just for your personal gain is wrong and immoral. One of the most amazing facts about dog fighting is that this bloody sport is illegal in all the 50 states in America but still every year more than 1000 dogs are killed in various dog fighting events. In the US, all dog fighting breeds are generally referred as "Pit Bulls". The injuries that dogs suffer in these brutal fights are often very serious and fatal. The pit bulls used in these fights are specifically trained to be violent against animals so that people can enjoy a good fight. These dogs have extremely powerful jaws and can cause deep puncture wounds, broken jaws and bones and severe bruising. Most dogs that participate in these fights often die of excessive blood loss, body wounds, mental shock and dehydration. The ones which survive are so mentally and physically damaged that they render no use to the owner after that fight.
Since the time these dogs are born they are actually trained to be aggressive towards other animals. Having such dogs in the society poses a very serious threat towards animals and humans. These fights are actually a very sad way of entertainment and the reason its spreading like an epidemic because people invest lots of money by placing bets on which dog will win. According to latest reports, there are over 40,000 dog fighters in the United States who organize these fights and in most of these fights they also allow children to view. This can actually have a negative effect on kids, viewing such violent events at such a young age promotes violence and an insensitive behavior towards animals and other human beings. Most children that attend these events are forced to accept such bloodshed as a part and parcel of life. In many shady neighborhoods where gangs have a strong hold, there are small kids who conduct their own dog fights and force other kids to join in. This early exposure to such violent fights and death can leave a permanent scar on the kid's mind forever. He/She may grow up to be a bully and bullies are a felony waiting to happen.
I hope this article on facts about dog fighting has made you aware about this gruesome activities going on in your state. If you know about such activities in your block, please call 911 and let them know about it. Make sure you take care of your small puppies and pets because majority of the time they get stolen and used for such purposes. If your kid is small never let him walk your pet alone, always have an adult with him.