Caffeinated cities of America

Most Caffeinated Cities of America

It is a known fact that Americans love their coffee. However, people in some areas have taken it to a different level altogether, with the consumption and spending on coffee reaching nearly 3 times the national average. Here are overwhelming facts about the most caffeinated cities in the US.
"Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis - a good hot cup of coffee."
- Alexander King
Just as tea is typically English, coffee is considered more or less the typical American drink. Be it for the flavor, or the caffeine content, there is no denying the fact that a day begins with a cup of coffee for nearly every American. While most enjoy their coffee black, coffee with dairy or non-dairy creamer is also popular. However, in some cities in America, the love for coffee has turned into obsession, with more and more people turning into coffee lovers, and more and more coffee houses, Starbucks outlets, etc., mushrooming everywhere. Along with coffee, high intake of tea and soda also contributes in increasing caffeine consumption. Here is a list of the most 'caffeinated cities' of America.

American Cities that are Mad Over Coffee

Chicago, New York, and Seattle are the top 3 most caffeinated cities, according to surveys conducted by various organizations. It has been observed that Americans often have their usual 'morning joe' in coffee shops, thus, spending a considerable amount every year.

*The list presented below is not in any chronological order.

Having the Starbucks headquartered here is a fact sufficient to prove that people in Seattle love their coffee. With more than 1,600 coffee shops, the residents here spend more than 2.5 times of the national average on coffee alone. Seattle is well-known for its coffee.

Chicago tops the list of cities that spend the most on coffee, i.e., nearly 3 times the national average. There are approximately 10 - 12 coffee shops every 100,000 residents in Chicago. Apart from Starbucks, Chicago has its own brands and types of locally-roasted and brewed coffee.

New York
New York comes very close to Chicago in being the most caffeinated city. With nearly all brands and types of coffee shops and franchises here, it is no wonder that residents here spend almost 2.9 times the national average on coffee. On an average, a New Yorker spends approximately $30 every month on his coffee.

San Francisco
Most of the residents of San Francisco, California, love a hot cup of coffee at any time of the day, to beat the cool climate. With approximately 1,300 coffee shops, residents here shell out nearly twice the national average. The average monthly spending on coffee in San Francisco is quite high.

Many residents of Portland will incessantly argue that the best coffee in the country is served in their city, and not Seattle. Portland, in the state of Oregon, boasts of a large number of coffee roasters and exceptionally skilled baristas. Despite these, residents here spend comparatively less on their coffee, around 1.65 times the national average.

Washington, D.C.
It is said that Washington, D.C. has a slow developing coffee culture, and has yet to make its mark. There are fewer coffee shops here, as compared to those mentioned above. However, it does not mean that you will be disappointed with the options available. Residents here spend approximately 1.8 times the national average for their cup of joe.

San Jose
Local coffee shops are more popular in San Jose, California, than the popular brands. Many of these local coffee houses boast of roasting their own coffee beans. There is a high number of coffee shops here, and people spend approximately 1.7 times the national average on caffeine.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles ranks quite low in the list of the most coffee-consuming cities in the US. However, it houses all major coffee brands and franchises. Residents of L.A. expend approximately 1.9 times the national average for coffee. The reputed coffee brands are more popular in L.A. than the local ones.

When compared to the aforementioned cities, Minneapolis also ranks lower. However, the fact that people here spend nearly 1.6 times the national average on their coffee, makes it one of the most caffeinated cities. Minneapolis also has many coffee shops, which offer locally-roasted coffee.

Tampa was officially titled the 'most caffeinated city' in 2009. Interestingly, the high intake of caffeine here does not come from coffee alone, as in case of the cities mentioned above. Along with coffee, consumption of tea, sodas, energy drinks, and other caffeine-containing drinks by the residents in high amounts explains why the city was chosen among the rest.

Other notable cities include Denver, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, Austin, etc. Interestingly, cities like Dallas, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Riverside are the least caffeinated cities of America.

Whether coffee is good for health or not is a very debatable topic. However, you need to remember that high intake of caffeine (more than 4 cups of coffee or tea every day) can lead to side effects like increase in heart rate, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, restlessness, and stomach disorders. Therefore, as much as you may like your coffee, make sure that you are having it in the right amount.