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Why is Society Important and How Does it Bring People Together

Why is Society Important?
What is the purpose of society? Why is society so important? It is precisely because we seek protection and comfort from it. It enables the formation of social groups and shapes cultures. It allows for regulation in the distribution of public facilities. And most importantly, it brings people together.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Society can be defined as a group of people who share a common economic, social, and industrial infrastructure. It is an organization of people who share a common cultural and social background. Do you know how the word, 'society' originated? The word is a derivation of the French word societe, which came from the Latin word societas meaning 'a friendly association with others'.
Purpose of Society and its Importance
Support from society
One of the primary purposes of society is the formation of an organized group of individuals who can support each other in various ways. It is in the difficult times that you realize the importance of being a part of society. It is the members of your social group who come forward to give you the help needed. The support given by society can be of the physical, emotional, financial, or medical form.
Formation of Social Groups
Social groups
A society is characterized by social networks. They form an integral part of it. Social networks are defined as the patterns of relationships between people. Relationships give rise to social interactions between people of a society. Individuals who belong to different ethnic groups can come together, thanks to societies. Their interactions give rise to strong social bonds that result in long-lasting relationships. A society gives rise to a family system and an organization of relationships, which are at the heart of any social group.
Formation of a Culture
Formation of a Culture
Culture is an important element of society. Individuals of a particular society share a common culture that shapes their way of living. Their means of subsistence and their lifestyles are derivatives of their culture. Culture defines the pattern of human activity in a society. It is represented by the art, literature, language, and religion of the individuals who form it. Individuals belonging to a society are bonded by common cultural values, traditions, and beliefs that define their culture. You may like to know why culture is important.
Public health and educational facilities, the public transport system, and infrastructure that enables us to satisfy our basic needs form an important part of society. The government or any form of a central governing authority regulates a society. It helps in the management of the natural and human resources that belong to society and regulates the distribution of public facilities to the individuals. Thus, a society gives us a central regulating authority.
Common Goal
Common goal
The members of a society should be concerned about each other. The basic purpose of society is to be part of a collective movement and move forward, together. Being a part of society is about taking everyone along; it is about taking unanimous decisions for the achievement of a common goal.
Social inequality, racial discrimination, economic disparity, poverty, and overpopulation are some of the major concerns of society today. As an organized social group, it is our duty to address these concerns and work towards the betterment of society. One of the reasons why society is important is that it gives you a framework to work together. It provides you with a platform to take collective efforts towards improving social conditions. Most importantly, a society serves as a strong support system in life.