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Who Signed The US Constitution

US constitution is the supreme law, which defines functioning of the US government. This article will tell you all about the US constitution, who signed the constitution, the list and the names of the people who signed the constitution.
OpinionFront Staff
US constitution is a written document of the set of rules which establishes the powers, duties, procedures and the structure of the government. The second continental congress meeting in the Pennsylvania house, which is now called independence hall, approved the declaration of independence on July 4,1776. Framing the constitution is the most important thing for any independent country. In the same hall on September 17, 1787 the members of the constitutional convention signed the constitution of the United States. But it wasn't that easy, as many opposed the constitution for many reasons.
Seventy delegates were appointed collectively by all states (except Rhodes island) for the constitutional convention. Among these 70 delegates, some did not accept, while some could not attend the constitutional convention sessions. Finally only 55 delegates attended the constitutional convention sessions, among which 39 actually signed the constitution. The names of the people who signed the constitution included Jonathan Dayton (29) of New Jersey to Benjamin Franklin (81) of Pennsylvania. George Washington who was the president of the convention, was also the person who signed the constitution first. Among the 13 states, at least one delegate from each state signed the constitution. The only exception was Rhodes Island, which completely boycotted the convention. Thomas Jefferson who was one of the founding fathers of US constitution did not sign the constitution, as he was serving as US minister in France. Whereas Edmund Randolph, George Mason, and Elbridge Gerry too objected to the Constitution and refused to sign it. So who signed the US constitution? Here is the detailed list of people who signed the constitution accompanied by the names of the state they represented.
Name State
George Washington Virgiana
John Blair Virgiana
James Madison Virgiana
Pierce Butler South Carolina
Charles Pinckney South Carolina
John Rutledge South Carolina
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina
George Clymer Pennsylvania
Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
Jared Ingersoll Pennsylvania
Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania
Gouverneur Morris Pennsylvania
Robert Morris Pennsylvania
James Wilson Pennsylvania
David Brearley New Jersey
Jonathan Dayton New Jersey
William Livingston New Jersey
William Paterson New Jersey
Alexander Hamilton New York
William Blount North Carolina
Richard D. Spaight North Carolina
Hugh Williamson North Carolina
William S. Johnson Connecticut
Roger Sherman Connecticut
Richard Bassett Delware
Gunning Bedford, Jr Delware
Jacob Broom Delware
John Dickinson Delware
George Read Delware
Abraham Baldwin Georgia
William Few Georgia
Daniel Carroll Maryland
Daniel Jenifer Maryland
James McHenry Maryland
Rufus King Massachusetts
Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire
John Langdon New Hampshire

Apart from the 39 delegates who signed the constitution, William Jackson, the secretary of the convention was the attester. After signing of the constitution, it was submitted for ratification. The constitution took effect in 1788, after the ratification. Rhodes island was the last state to ratify the constitution in 1790. The total word count of the US Constitution is 4,440 and is the shortest constitution, of the most powerful country in the world.