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Disability Pension

Disability Pension

Disability pension provides individuals with disabilities with much-needed financial support. Inability to work makes them dependent on others for help in day-to-day life. It is by means of these pension schemes that the government provides them with the necessary support...
Shashank Nakate
Disability pension plans are used by governments to allow people with disability to have a source of income on a regular basis. The pension programs in different countries have different names, however, the underlying idea is to support the differently abled. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a benefit program that helps individuals with disabilities in USA. The applicants have to undergo an independent medical review (IME) so as to prove their disability. In order to be eligible for the disability retirement benefit, some minimum years of service is necessary.

What is Disability Pension?

Different disability pensions programs have been started by different governments with the intention of making life easy for people with disabilities of the society. The pension rules for different programs take into account the specific laws and regulations of a particular country. Let us have a look at these social security disability programs.

Supplemental Security Income, USA
This disability pension program serves people in USA. The amount of pension paid to individuals with disabilities on a monthly basis is $2000. Eligibility for this pension program can be determined taking into account the following points. Specifications presented by Social Security Administration of USA are presented below.
  • A person whose disability or illness keeps him/her from regular work can apply for disability pension.
  • A working professional can also apply for this pension, given that income is under a certain limit (disability should be the cause behind this limit). Details regarding the limit of income can be obtained from Social Security Administration.
  • The Social Security Administration has list on which conditions can be classified as disabilities. A person suffering from any of the disability listed by SSA should be eligible for pension.
  • Severity of a particular disability is taken into account to determine the eligibility for pension. If a particular disability is severe enough to keep the claimant from work, it is considered as valid even without being listed by the SSA.
Disability Living Allowance, UK
The Disability Living Allowance can be availed by those citizens of UK (under 65 yrs) who suffer from disabilities. The need for care and mobility (and costs incurred in the process) are the factors which determine their need for pension. Depending on the severity of disability, the amount of pension varies and is placed in three categories, i.e. lowest rate eligibility, middle rate eligibility, and highest rate eligibility. The pension amount (on a weekly basis) offered to individuals qualifying for lowest, middle and highest rate eligibility is £71.40, £47.80 and £18.95 respectively. The eligibility requirements for availing the Disability Living Allowance are as follows:
  • The upper age limit for this disability benefit is 65 years. The lower limit, however, depends on the plan (component) the claimant is applying for.
  • The claimant should be suffering from the given disability for at least 3 months. One should expect the disability for 6 months (at least) in the future.
  • Certain residential accommodation (if the claimant lives in one of these) do not make a person with disabilities eligible to claim the Disability Living Allowance.
Disability Support Pension, Australia
This pension program is employed by the government of Australia. Those individuals who are unable to work for more than 15 hours a week due to their disability can avail the benefit of this pension scheme; the disability should be severe enough to stay for minimum 2 years; it makes the individual eligible to avail the benefits of this pension program. It is necessary for applicants to bring a certificate from their doctor to prove their disability. The Disability Support Pension was earlier known as Invalid Pension; New South Wales was the state where this program got introduced in the year, 1908. The pension amount of A$ 562.10 (A$ = Australian dollar) is given to the individuals with disabilities on a fortnightly basis.

These disability pension programs offer great support for the differently abled and allow them to live life with confidence. The important pension programs are described in the article above. There are many more details that one would have to understand in order to claim for the pension. The above mentioned points only provide an overview of these pension schemes for the differently abled.