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Is 5linx a Scam?

Most Popularly Discussed and Confusing Question: Is 5linc a Scam?

5linx (pronounced as "5 links"), is an internet telecom industry founded in 2001. The media is ablaze with the question of whether 5linx is a scam or not.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
5linx was founded in the year 2001. In the initial years of its foundation, it flourished as a great firm for promoting its innovative telecommunications products. It was founded by Mr. Craig Jerabeck, Mr. Jason Guck, and Mr. Jeb Tyler, Executive. It is said these gentlemen were business partners previously in some network marketing company. According to various sources, it provides revolutionary products pertaining to telecommunications besides some services related to communication technology. Its services span around 20 countries, starting from US, and its founders work on 5 principles - vision, integrity, opportunity, freedom, and success.
About the Strategy of 5linx
The founders of 5linx have work experience in direct marketing and telecommunications industry for over 40 years, that is definitely worth considering when it comes to the foundation of a firm. Its representatives provide its customers with various telecommunications product and services that are available in the US. Services such as cellular phones, dish TV, satellite TV, broad band internet connection, and various VoIP services are also offered by the firm.
According to some marketers, three most important things to succeed in this business are timing, unique product, and right leadership. Through these processes, the founders of 5linx claim that an individual can make decent money. Basically, this firm has also partnered with major North American wireless providers, like AT&T, Singular, Sprint PCS, and Verizon to provide services to clients. It is said that its Multi-level marketing (MLM) strategies have been phenomenal and there are good chances of making money.
Being a network marketing company, it has achieved what no other company has ever achieved. Using principles of excellent MLM leads, there has been a phenomenal growth in the sales prospects of 5linx. Being hailed as one of the unique home based business opportunities, it came into news after it was featured among the fortune 500 companies in 2005. The simple strategy of this firm is to help you earn money by your own efforts. For instance, many people who're unable to make money after joining this, crib that it is a scam and it is the truth. However, such people fail to understand that to be successful in MLM, one has to rely a lot on team work and marketing tools.
As a 5linx member, one is expected to reach out to customers, get business partners, train them, and then cash in checks. Nevertheless, as simple as it sounds, it isn't the usual way. To succeed, one has to show valiant efforts, invest time and resources.
Then is 5linx a Scam?
Since internet marketing and internet business have become absolutely popular in the recent years, even firms that are working hard and have legitimate business plans, land up in seas of controversies. Now, 5linx has been a major success, and people have made money through 5linx business.
However, for those who have failed, 5linx scam is the only truth that they can see. However, the fact is that success in 5linx strategies is more about your level of marketing ability and how much time and resources you can invest in their business strategies. It's more of a pyramid scheme wherein you're to make money by adding members. Besides that, with developing technologies and market becoming competitive, market prices of technological products are bound to decrease. This may lead 5linx to pay to its members less money.
Stated simply, 5linx is network company that has well set plan. Owing to their popularity and some customers dissatisfaction in making money, 5linx scam has been subject to lots of discussion. As internet users, individuals must ensure that they're aware of fundamentals of multi-level marketing, else they may end up grumbling about failed chances in such business opportunities.