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Magic Jack - Scam or Not?

Magic Jack - Scam or Not?
Do you plan to subscribe for MagicJack service, but are wary of all the MagicJack scam rumors going around? Perhaps our article will help you to find if MagicJack is a scam or not. Read on..
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Magic Jack is the latest entrant in the market of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services. This service claims to drastically cut down your local and international call costs. During the times when the economy does not offer a rosy picture, such services indeed come as a huge relief. However, lately Magic Jack has been facing some criticism for unknown reasons. Those who are unhappy with the service even go to extreme lengths and call it a scam! However, those who have used this service for a long time have a different story to tell.
Magic Jack is a small compact device that can be plugged into the USB port of your computer. Its other end goes to the landline or any telephone device. It then allows your phone to connect over a voice over IP network. VOIP technology sends sound waves over high speed Internet in the form of digital data packets. At the other end, the digital packets are again converted into sound waves. Thus, you can have a normal voice telephonic conversation. Although, Magic Jack currently works with a landline telephone, its use for cell phones is slated for release in near future.
Magic Jack service allows you to make cost-effective calls within USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. The service comes at a meager charge of USD 39.95 during the first year. This amount is inclusive of the device as well as a new Magic Jack number for you. After that, you are charged USD 19.95 every year. You can also avail a free trial service for 30 days, during which you can check whether the service is compatible with your Internet.
If there are any problems regarding the quality of sound or speed of Internet, you can get them fixed during trial period only. You can also avail services like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, directory assistance, etc. for free, during the trial period. However, you might be charged extra for all these services once your trial period expires and your service is regularized.
Magic Jack allows you to make calls to any number including cell phones, within US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. You can also make international calls from this service, but it is essential that the person at the other end has a reliable Internet connection. Magic Jack is ideal for people who have to make several long distance calls, as well as for people who travel a lot.
If you have a family member residing outside US or Canada, Magic Jack is the best way to drastically cut the long distance call cost. It works well with almost all major operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and Intel based Mac machines. If you do not experience any problem with your Magic Jack you can discontinue your normal telephone service and thus cut your phone bill cost. It is even cost-effective than any of the cell phone plans available.
Is Magic Jack a Scam or Not
Definitely not! Magic Jack is an authorized company, that gives you complete service for your money. However, some people who may not have had good experiences with this service call it a scam. Just like any other service, Magic Jack is also not free of any drawbacks. The major requirement of very reliable high speed Internet can be a problem for some people. DSL, cable or optic is the best Internet connection for this service.
If you are using slower connections, you are bound to have problems with sound quality. Another problem is that you might experience call drops or poor voice quality when you are running heavy applications like computer games or downloading bulky data. This may put load on your service and hamper its performance. Some people even experience disturbances during calls whenever a screen saver pops up.
Another issue is that, you need to keep your computer on whenever you want to use Magic Jack service. Thus, you may have to practically run your computer 24/7 if you wish to attend or make calls at any time of the day. Needless to say, this is not the most feasible option for everyone. Although, you have the facility of forwarding calls to your cell phone or an alternative number, you certainly cannot avail the cash benefits offered by Magic Jack, which in turn defeats the whole idea of buying the device.
Some people may also find this service inconvenient as you need to acquire a new number for Magic Jack. You can no longer use your existing number for making calls. However, another service called Phone Number Bank can divert your incoming calls on existing number to your new Magic Jack number. You might have to pay about USD 9 per month for this service.
A technically sound infrastructure is required for smooth functioning of this system. If you have all the prerequisites in place, you are unlikely to have a problem with this service. The glitches experienced by some people with this service are more often than not a result of poor or incompatible setup.