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Smallest Countries by Population

Smallest Countries by Population

Vatican City tops the list of smallest countries by population. Read the article below to get more information about other countries which have a low population.
Niharika Arya
Our planet earth is very big but most of its area is covered by water. The rest 30% is populated by humans. World population has reached 6,892,000,000 figure (approximately) with China, India and United States being the top three most populated countries across the globe. The population has grown a lot in the last few centuries. But there are a few nations which are in the bottom line of the population chart. These smallest countries are small in area as well as in population growth. So let's check out these least populated countries with their total areas and their population density.

Top 10 Smallest Countries by Population

Here are a few countries which are smallest in their numbers and areas. The information about the population and area has been collected from different sources, hence, if you want to get the exact figures then you can refer to the government websites. Well, till then, take an idea of the smallest countries by population with their population density and area.

Vatican City
Population: 800 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 0.44
Population Density (sq. km): 1,872.70
Officially Stato della Città del Vaticano which was translated as 'State of the City of the Vatican'. It consists of walled enclaves within the city of Rome. Vatican City is also the smallest country by area in the world.

Population: 10,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 21.00
Population (sq. km): 476.19
Officially known as the Republic of Nauru, it is the world's smallest island nation. Previously it was known as the Pleasant Island. It is an island situated in the South Pacific. It has seen German, Japanese and American rule and finally got its independence in 1968.

Population: 10,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 26.00
Population Density (sq. km): 384.62
It is the Polynesian island nation which is situated between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Considering the area, it is the fourth smallest country in the world. It is just 4.5m above sea level hence, the rising sea levels and climate change is a major concern for this country.

Population: 20,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 458.00
Population Density (sq. km): 43.67
Officially the Republic of Palau, it is the world's youngest and smallest sovereign state. It consists of several islands and is situated in the Pacific Ocean, closer to the Philippines and South Tokyo.

San Marino
Population: 32,386 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 61.00
Population Density (sq. km): 530.92
In Italian, it is known as Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino. It is one of the oldest independent countries of the world. It is situated in the Apennine Mountains. This country is completely surrounded by Italy.

Population: 33,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 2.00
Population Density (sq. km): 16,500.00
Officially the Principality of Monaco, it is situated in the South Western Europe on the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It surrounded by France from three sides. It is famous for casinos and car racing events like Monte Carlo rally and the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

Population: 35,904 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 160.00
Population Density (sq. km): 224.40
It is situated in Western Europe and is surrounded by Switzerland from the west and south and Austria from the east. This country is considered as the tax heaven and is one of the few countries in the world without an army.

Saint Kitts & Nevis
Population: 38,960 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 261.00
Population Density (sq. km): 149.27
It is also known as Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. It is situated in the islands of West Indies. It is considered as the smallest sovereign nation with respect to both area and population in the Americas. This island was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

Marshall Islands
Population: 63,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 181.00
Population Density (sq. km): 348.07
Officially the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), it is a Micronesian nation of atolls and is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is situated to the north of the Equator. The US conducts regular nuclear testing on these islands.

Population: 67,000 (Approx.)
Area (sq. km): 754.00
Population Density (sq. km): 88.86
Officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, it is an island nation which is situated in the Caribbean sea. Its capital is Roseau.

So, these were some of the smallest countries by population. As the population figures change every second, the figures given in this article are approximate. Hope this article was helpful and informative.