Texting While Driving Laws

Numerous laws have been imposed in the US regarding texting while driving to put a check on increasing incidents of accidents. If you're unaware about them, read this write-up...
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We human beings have some default mechanism in our minds that inspires us to prove the law wrong and adjust our habits as per our convenience. Mocking the laws further leads to tragic accidents. It can't be denied that laws do play a good role in discouraging drivers from using cell phone in cars, however, they're beneficial only up to a certain level.
An Overview
Just imposing cell phone and driving laws are not very useful. We have to give drivers technologies that can help them interact with others without getting distracted while driving. Numerous apps must be developed that informs the person on the call that the driver is busy driving, and so he or she can't take up the call. This will also eliminate complaints of close ones that you're ignoring them and not picking up their calls! There are applications like voice messages that can inform people calling that you're driving.
State Texting Ban*
Alabama Drivers age 16 and 17-year-old having intermediate license for less than 6 months.
Alaska All Drivers
Arizona No
Arkansas All Drivers
California All Drivers
Colorado All Drivers
Connecticut All Drivers
Delaware All Drivers
Florida No
Georgia All Drivers
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois All Drivers
Indiana Drivers less than 18 years of age
Iowa All Drivers
Kansas All Drivers
Kentucky All Drivers
Louisiana All Drivers
Maine Those having learner's permit and intermediate license holders
Maryland No
Massachusetts All Drivers
Michigan All Drivers
Minnesota All Drivers
Mississippi Those having learner's permit and intermediate license holders
Missouri Drivers aged 21 years and younger
Montana No
Nebraska All Drivers
Nevada No
New Hampshire All Drivers
New Jersey All Drivers
New Mexico No
New York All Drivers
North Carolina All Drivers
North Dakota No
Ohio No
Oklahoma School bus drivers and public transport system, intermediate license holders and those having permit
Oregon All Drivers
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island All Drivers
South Carolina No
South Dakota No
Tennessee All Drivers
Texas For intermediate license holders for first twelve months; for drivers in school crossing zone and drivers who contain passengers less than 17 years of age
Utah All Drivers
Vermont All Drivers
Virginia All Drivers
Washington All Drivers
West Virginia Drivers under 18 years license possessing intermediate license or a learner's permit
Wisconsin All Drivers
Wyoming All Drivers
* - These laws are just for reference and may have minute variations. Readers are requested to consult official website of government to ensure about updated laws.
Laws Regarding Cell Phones Usage in US
  • Following 9 states have imposed a ban of using handheld cell phones in the US. These are as follows: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The District of Columbia has also put a ban on using handheld phones in its jurisdiction.
  • Texting is banned for all types of drivers in almost 30 states of the US, including the District of Columbia.
  • Those who're beginners in driving are banned from texting in nearly 8 states, that include Alabama, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.
  • In Oklahoma and Texas, school bus drivers are banned from texting while driving.

It has to be understood that these laws are much more complex in their designing than they appear to be. Depending on every state, categorization of violation of texting may vary significantly. In many states, traffic control officers must have a reason for stopping your vehicle before they cite that you have been using your cell phone during driving. This may include rash or negligent driving, breaking the speed barrier, and defying other driving safety laws. More than 50% of teenagers accept that they do texting while driving. Governments are imposing numerous driving laws to ensure the safety of people. Moreover, awareness about the dangers of using cell phones while driving must also be spread amongst all in society.