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What is TVI Express

What is TVI Express

TVI Express is yet another MLM company that has been criticized for its fraudulent business practices. Let us know more about it and what are the several complaints against it, in this article.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Every MLM company is embroiled in a lot of controversy. It is a well established fact that the failure rate of these companies is as high as 95%. Another well-known fact is that since Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies adopt a pyramid business scheme, only people at the top level make some decent fortune while those at the lower level often stumble under the burden of debt. These people are unguided souls, who do not know a thing about marketing. After getting their hands burned in such business venture they often resort to criticism and bad mouthing. However, this is just a general observation and has got nothing to do in particular TVI Express. This company is mostly known for its fraudulent, conniving business plans than anything else. We came across a lot of complaints which may force any one into believing that they sure run a scam. Yet, it would be interesting to know what is TVI Express in reality.

TVI Express Review

TVI Express which stands for Travel Ventures International is a UK based travel MLM company. It has been backed with several reputed companies. Anyone who wishes to get a TVI Express membership is required to pay a one time fee, amounting to USD 250. You might even have to pay an additional USD 25 towards exchange rate differences and processing fees. Once you acquire a membership, you become eligible for a whole bunch of lucrative schemes. These include, bookings of hotels, resorts, travel destinations at a discount rate. TVI claims that its discount rates are lower than any other scheme. What more, you can also claim a bonus travel voucher that allows you to book a 6-night stay at any of the hotels or resorts listed in their network. This bonus travel voucher is offered to every recruit at TVI Express. As a member, you are also offered an opportunity to resell the membership and promote TVI Express.


Complaints on TVI Express begin with the compensation plan itself. TVI promotes its business compensation plan as an opportunity to make USD 10000. Needless to say, many people fall for this magic figure and sign up for membership. This is where all the trouble begins. One look at the plan and you are forced to marvel at the prospect of earning USD 10000, just by recruiting two people. However, the plan is not as simple as it seems. There are several loopholes in the plan which cause the magic figure of USD 10000 to wither away right in front of the eyes of poor, unsuspecting TVI members. Firstly, you pay USD 250 and become eligible for all the exciting goodies promised by the very generous TVI team. Next, you recruit two other people as your downline who would get the above benefits and you will be pushed closer to the magic figure. Once, you create your downline, you enter a revolving matrix (it's the fancy term TVI people use, to describe their hierarchy!) which pushes you up at each level. As your downline goes on increasing you move one level up and eventually get cycled out. This makes you eligible to get your first commission of USD 500. Then, you go through the same process and get cycled out again and that is when you hit the magic figure of USD 10000. Now every time you get cycled out you will be showered with USD 10000. Incredible plan, isn't it?

However, the real question is why, in spite of such attractive schemes people fail to create their downline? The reason is that most members are common people who lack certain network marketing skills and have no experience in business. The members often resort to their friends and family for creating a downline and eventually run out of contacts. This brings stagnation to the entire hierarchy. As a result, you only spend years hoping to hit your dream figure. Another complaint regarding TVI Express is that the attractive travel plans offered by the company never get materialized. Also, the customer service is poor as the representatives cannot be reached easily. All the more, a reason to reinforce your belief in TVI Express being a scam.

Hope this article gave you a clear idea about what TVI Express is exactly. After evaluating complaints, one would come to a conclusion that it is definitely not for naive businessmen. However, it may present a good opportunity for seasoned marketers and business people.