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Why is Diversity Important? Look Beyond the Disparity to Know Why

Why is Diversity Important?
The globalized world of today finds an amalgamation of different cultures, all brought into one common place, which is what diversity is. Diversity teaches us to accept differences in others and look beyond the base emotions of language, culture, race and color- all that makes us racists or sexists, for example.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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Diversity finds its origin in the word diverse, meaning different. Difference in what? Difference in basically anything - cultures, ideas, values, lifestyles, classes, goals etc. No two people placed side by side will portray the same sets of values or ideals or any of the other factors mentioned above.

Take a group of people and the diversity range will further broaden. Diversity does not mean divide, mind you. It just means a difference, which is essential in today's times. But why is diversity important? Let us find out in the following article.
Diversity in Education
Schools and colleges where knowledge and education is imparted is the perfect place to teach children the importance of diversity and how to be more accepting. Schools and colleges are the perfect places and offer the perfect time period when young minds can be developed to be accepting of diversity. These are some of the reasons that drive the point of the importance of diversity home.
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  • Understanding that there's a whole new and different world out there will help them become more learned and educated.
  • Studying about different cultures, their habits, dressing styles, eating habits and value systems will help them take the good points from their systems and become better individuals.
  • Encouraging cultural diversity in the classroom will help them appreciate their own culture as they will go back to their roots to find out more about where they've come from.
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  • If they ever travel to any other part of the world, adjustment will be minimal because they are used to being with a diverse group of people.
  • Feelings of superiority, prejudice and bias will be eliminated and therefore they will become world citizens at an early age.
  • A culturally different group means that there will be diverse topics to discuss. This helps them gain not only knowledge, but also helps them develop creativity.
Diversity in the Workplace
You cannot have a homogeneous group to work with anymore. In at least 70% of all international companies, the work force will be a mixture of diverse cultures, religions and races. In such a scenario, it becomes important to promote ethnic, social, cultural and gender-related diversity in the workplace. Let us see what the advantages of promoting inter-cultural communication in the workplace are.
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  • It provides for better approaches to the same problem. If there are different thinking styles then there are different ways of approaching the same problem and probably a better and a more creative solution for it.
  • Diversity at the workplace is essential because it allows for the best ideas to come forward and gives a wide choice of solutions.
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  • It helps in promoting one's business and makes it possible to take it to the international level. Diversity in the workplace refers to the way a business is backed by varied diverse thoughts and cultures, thus the best of all worlds can lead to success.
  • Diversity at workplace in a way also attracts and encourages people to join that organization, thus benefiting it.
Why is diversity important in today's times? It is because of all these reasons and more. With the world becoming more and more global, one will obviously wonder whether globalization is a boon or a bane?

Well, it is to be understood that no matter what, it will become more and more diverse and nothing is going to stop the world from becoming a melting pot of cultures and different diversities. So instead of it being a negative thing, diversity helps to bring a positive reform in society.
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