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100% Free Criminal Background Check

100% Free Criminal Background Check

A 100% free criminal background check can help you hire honest employees with a good character. Here's what you need to know about them.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Fast development of cities and urbanization has also increased the crime rate because people commit crimes to make quick bucks. This has created a problem for employers across the world as they face the challenge of hiring employees who have a good track record and have not been involved in any criminal activities. A background check can be conducted on the candidates before hiring them for major positions in the organizations.

Necessity of a Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is essential to protect your business from fraudsters. It might be possible that a person may enter your company with a motive to steal vital information from your office. If he succeeds in doing so, it would be a great loss for the organization. Apart from the financial loss, the reputation and respect of the company in the market can also get affected. A person with a bad character and habits can cause a lot of nuisance in the office, affecting the work and productivity of other employees. This will, in turn, affect the performance of the entire company and cause heavy losses. Once the atmosphere in a company gets disturbed, then a lot of time goes in bringing it back to normal.

Conducting a Criminal Background Check

A background check should be done while recruiting people, such as baby sitters, house maids, accountants in offices and also while choosing a life partner or a date. It has been observed that many parents conductchecks on their children's peers to ensure that their children get a protective environment which is ideal for studies. A free criminal background check is conducted by several websites and will help you know various kinds of offenses done by the person such as frauds, sexual offenses, driving offenses etc.

Net Detective, U.S. Search, Intelius, Crimcheck, Background Checks and Veromi are some online companies that do the tasks of conducting background checks. These companies will need the details such as name, age and address of the person on whom the check has to be performed. There are several private investigators who provide such services considering the huge demand for them. Such agencies can provide you with complete details regarding when, where and how the offenses were done and how serious the offenses are. Most sites offering an employee background check have well-developed software which enables them to give information which is precise.

Though free background checks are very useful, there have been some controversies surrounding them. One needs to be careful while conducting criminal background checks as they access the information about the concerned people in personal and public domain. You should make sure that the company whom you have entrusted the responsibility are not breaking any federal laws or invading the privacy of people unnecessarily. Thus, this is really a very sensitive issue which needs to be dealt with a lot of care.

By free criminal background checks, it is understood that a person will not have to make multiple payments for the service. However, to avail these services, you will have to bear the one time fees charged by the service providers. Criminal background checks is the need of the time and is receiving a great response from corporate as well as individuals. Ideally, you should go with only those companies which have a proven track record of providing the best service for free criminal records check in the industry. So, use these suggestions for picking the right people and enjoy the benefits!