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Facts About School Uniforms

Facts About School Uniforms

The debate on school uniforms doesn't seem to end. Here are some facts about them that will help you decide whether or not implementing such a rule is feasible, and whether it will actually make a difference.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Whether or not school going kids should wear uniforms has been a raging debate for ages now. Even with all the pros and cons clearly enlisted, deciding whether it is right or not to have kids follow a singular dress code in the school environment is seemingly difficult. Moreover, parents and students themselves have a different take on the subject, and therefore, the suitability of imposing such a rule is still challenged. While a lot of private schools have already implemented this rule, there has been talk on implementing this rule in public schools. Here, we provide to you various facts about school uniforms, we give you the arguments for and against them in schools, that will enable you to have your take on this subject.


In the year 2009, the school uniform policy was effectively implemented in 21 states in the United States of America.
  • What was found upon implementation of this policy is that the overall crime rate had dropped by 91%, children were less prone to suspension, and that the rate of suspension dropped by 90%.
  • An interesting point to note is that the number of sex offenses drastically reduced as an effect of implementing the school uniform rule. Statistics show that the number of such offenses reduced by a whopping 96%.
  • Lastly, another area that benefited from the implementation of this rule was vandalism, where its instances reduced by 69%.
  • The assaults on students of children from kindergarten through class 8 had also reduced by 85%.
  • Another important factor to consider is the cost of school uniforms. A lot of people believe that purchasing them is expensive, but what has been noticed in the long run is that the overall cost of clothing has drastically reduced thereby easing the expenses of parents in this area.
  • Statistics also claim that 44% of parents have found that their kids are more focused in school after wearing uniforms.
Argument For

With all these facts and statistics in favor of wearing school uniforms, there are some other pros that have emerged upon implementing a rule making them mandatory.
  • It has been found that wearing school uniforms has reduced the peer pressure that is experienced in school to look trendy at all times.
  • Cases of bullying and violence within the school premises have also reduced because kids are not picked on due to the kind of clothes they wear.
  • Those from a lower socio-economic status are less likely to feel insecure among those from a higher socio-economic background because they are unable to afford the kind of clothing that is sported by the latter.
  • As mentioned earlier, students have developed an increased focus on studies because they are not obsessed with the way they look in comparison to others.
  • Finally, wearing a school uniform instills a sense of uniformity and the feeling of being one within the school premises. It enables students to transcend barriers based on appearance and socio-economic status, and unite in order to achieve a common goal.
Argument Against

As is the case with every argument, a lot of people are of the belief that school uniforms should not be worn by students for a variety of reasons.
  • Perhaps the biggest argument against wearing school uniforms is that it inhibits a students personal expression and creativity. Furthermore, it prevents them from developing their personal style, by which they will be known and defined.
  • It is also believed that if not on the basis of a socio-economic background, or the kind of clothes students wear, there will always be other reasons to pick out students for bullying. This means a school uniform may not allow for a reduction in violence common in schools.
  • It has been found that a uniform also forces a student to compromise on comfort, which means instead of focusing the student is likely to be distracted because of the discomfort.
  • Finally, a lot of students are against wearing uniforms because it is not a compulsion in some schools. This means that they are capable of revolting in resentment of being forced to do something they don't want to, thereby instigating unruly behavior rather than a sense of discipline.
Based on the aforementioned facts and the different pros and cons of school uniforms, agreeing or disagreeing is completely your choice. What is important to know is that implementing any rule without consent will not always be well-received. On the other hand, sometimes it is essential to implement rules in order to increase the awareness of the benefits of such rules. On a personal note, the pros of school uniforms definitely outdo the cons that they pose. Striking a balance between the pros and the cons, and following a middle path is what will help gain the much-needed consent of parents and students on wearing school uniforms.