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Most Charitable Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the World

Most Charitable Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the World

There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the globe that are committed to improving the lives of the less fortunate. The OpinionFront article below enlists some of the most charitable NGOs organizations in the world.
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Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Oxfam is one of the world's oldest and best NGOs, with 17 sub-organizations in more than 90 countries, striving towards eradicating poverty and establishing global justice. In the year 2012, Oxfam was ranked third in the list of top 10 charitable NGOs.

There are innumerable charitable foundations in the world; there are non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, community organizations, etc., and each one of them functions differently. Often, nonprofits and NGOs are often erroneously considered similar; however, both are different types of charities. While nonprofits use extra funds for the organization, NGOs are civil society organizations that are devoid of government control.
NGOs are dedicated to a number of causes ranging from animal safety, humanitarian work, environment protection, health, to arts and culture. The Global Journal has ranked some of the best and famous NGOs as the most charitable ones of the year 2013. The list is provided below.
Focused on overall national development, BRAC was established by Fazle Hasan Abed, a citizen of Bangladesh. Initially educated in Dhaka and later in the U.K., Abed was distressed by the downtrodden conditions of his homeland. He raised funds in the U.K. and established BRAC, originally called Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. Today, BRAC helps millions of people facing challenges like disease, poverty, injustice, lack of education, etc. This charity is active not only in Bangladesh, but other Third World nations like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Uganda, Tanzania, etc.

2. Wikimedia Foundation
Founded in Florida, in 2003, this charity focuses on education and works through individual grants and donations. Its motto is to provide the best of knowledge, without distraction, which is why they do not fund through online advertisements. Wikipedia and many other projects are funded by this NGO.

3. Acumen Fund
Acumen Fund concentrates on development and is a joint venture incorporated by three philanthropists who collaborated with the Rockfeller Foundation and Cisco Systems to raise capital. Even today, Acumen Fund invests in companies in order to raise funds. It operates in India, Pakistan, U.S., Kenya, etc.

4. Danish Refugee Council
Founded in 1956, this NGO focuses on humanitarian work, and today, it operates in more than 30 countries. This foundation helps refugees and disabled people. It comprises many voluntary groups and helps raise funds through the Danish government grants and rich philanthropists. The UN is a major contributor as well.

5. Partners in Health
It contributes to health and welfare or the underprivileged, and contains a host of contributors. Some of the prominent ones include Dr. Jim Yong Kim, head of the World Bank Group, Ophelia Dahl, health and rights advocate, Dr. Paul Farmer, and many more. PIH operates in more than half a dozen countries and concentrates on providing treatment for women, mental health, HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc.

6. Ceres
It is an environmental charity and focuses on improving the global economy. The organization uses its influence to bring about a change in the way companies function. They focus on formulating environment-friendly strategies for large enterprises to implement. Their mission is to package the strategy in a cost-effective manner so that it will get marketed and be adopted globally.

7. CARE International
CARE International is one of prominent NGOs that work for a humanitarian cause. It was founded in 1945 and operates in more than 80 countries, with more than 1000 global branches. It was actually formed at the end of the Second World War in order to help the war-stricken public. Since then, there has been no looking back. What started as a mission to supply care packages has now transcended to ending global poverty.

8. Medecins sans Frontieres
A French organization formed in 1971 by a group of doctors as an emergency care initiative, The mission of this NGO was to respond to public health emergencies as soon as possible, without any distinction on the basis of race, religion, caste, or nationality. The organization operates in 80 countries, though more than half of the activities focused in the African continent. MSF organizes vaccination camps, conducts surgeries, provides medicines, etc. It also undertakes training programs, imparts health education, and works on improving overall sanitation.

9. Cure Violence
This NGO was established in 1995 by Dr. Gary Slutkin, a Chicago-based epidemiologist and works towards maintaining world peace. The volunteers of Cure Violence work to establish friendly relations, terminate violence, reform criminals, etc. It operates in 8 countries and has shown a remarkably positive influence all over the globe.

10. Mercy Corps
Working towards global development, Mercy Corps was actually formed to save refugees. It was founded in 1979 and helps war victims, and focuses on trouble-prone areas across the globe like Haiti, Afghanistan, Congo, etc. The organization operates in more than 40 countries with local and global volunteers. It uses a very small part of the donations for administration purposes, and a majority of the funds for charitable activities.

Source: The Global Journal
To contribute to the welfare of humanity is noble indeed. While the above list comprised the non-governmental organizations, there are many other nonprofits that work towards societal welfare as well. In a bid to do our best for the globe, it is important that every human being volunteers to be a part of some charitable cause.