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My Name is Khan & I am Mum

My Name is Khan & I am Mum
Mr. Khan, please speak up!
Dr. Maisie M
The rumble over MNIK seems to be over for the time being, and SRK seems to be more than happy for 'My name is Khan' has grossed around 50 crore in India and about 90 crore worldwide.
Seems like Karan Johar & SRK have successfully managed to have their audience entrapped if not enthralled through the promos and interviews. The lead character, Rizwan Khan seems to be 'the real responsible citizen', and did I forget secular? Okay. So his character has been portrayed as patriotic in the movie. However, in reality, the lead role (co)incidentally?! played by the real life Khan, Mr. Shahrukh Khan does not seem to be sensitive enough to voice his concern over Pune blasts, that incidentally happened to be in India.
The reason for this would be - perhaps because he is not as autistic as Rizzu, or is he more concerned about promoting intra-state relations only through IPL cricket and things like that, which will fetch more moolah! I hope he still remembers he had supported for the cause of Pakistani players for IPL. Although, geographically Pune seems to be closer to Mumbai (and eventually SRK too) than Pakistan, economically it still is a distant barren land!
It's pointless singing 'hum honge kamayaab', umpteen times as Rizzu did in the movie. Are you listening SRK? You need to simply tweet to reach the heart of the common man; like you always do to reach the pockets of your fans.
We can hear you SRK, I am a Kan (sorry Khan, from the epiglottis) & I am 'The Businessman'! It's time for all of us to say too - "I am sensible & I understand business strategies!" (from the bottom of our heart).