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Philosophical Questions

Philosophical Questions

Philosophical questions make us think and understand life better. Read on for a list of some really interesting and thought-provoking questions.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
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Meditation is one of the most effective means to arrive at logical answers to some of the most complex questions about life.
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The word philosophy is derived from the Greek language and it literally means "love of wisdom". Philosophy, in the most simple sense, is actually an activity that people engage in, to understand the truth about the world around them, to understand the truth about themselves, and the relationship that is there, between this world and themselves. Philosophers or those who like to study this subject, are constantly asking, analyzing, arguing and answering questions, about life.
In generic terms we can say that philosophical questions are those for which we fail to give definite answers with conviction. These questions baffle our minds, churning it to provide with sensible answers, but the answers that are derived after much brainstorming, seem to be afar from solving the complexities of these philosophical questions. Let us take a detailed look at some of these questions which never fail to raise an eyebrow!
Intriguing Questions About Life
1. What is failure, the inability to perform a task, or to not attempt it at all?

2. Is it our karma that determines our future, or is there something called the destiny?

3. Which is the better thing to do, to do the right thing at the right time, or to do things the right way?

4. Do newborns smile in their sleep because they talk to God?

5. Are creative people crazy people?

6. Is there anything called truth? Or is it an illusion of the mind?

7. Is there anything called love? Or is it an instance of attachment?

8. After death, does the soul retain the memories from the life s/he lived?

9. If money can't buy happiness, then are the poorest the happiest?

10. If freedom is our birth right, then why are we taught discipline?

11. What exactly is the meaning of life? Why are we born?

12. If we are born in this world, why death separates us from the same world?

13. Is there any God, or is he the craftsmanship of an able mind?

14. Why do opposites attract?

15. When will the world end?
16. Why is time irreversible?

17. Is there an afterlife? Why don't we have memories of our past lives?

18. If our lives our ours, then why don't we have the power of absolute decision-making?

19. Why is the beautiful rainbow so far off?

20. Why does a rainbow have only 7 colors?

21. If the oceans are blue, then why is the sky blue too?

22. Why don't we know when are we going to die?

23. Can we kill our own conscience?
24. What is success? How to measure it?

25. What are miracles?

26. What are ghosts?

27. Which to pick, a house or a home?

28. Why do we crave for fame?

29. Where does the soul go after death?
Intriguing Questions About Love and Relationships
1. What is love? Is there any existence of true love?

2. What is the definition of true love?

3. Does love beget commitment?

4. Is it possible to have two or more love interests simultaneously?

5. Why do we desire the person we claim to love?

6. Are jealousy and obsession the direct impact of true love?

7. Which is superior? Love or Trust?
8. For lovers which is the most important? Love, Ego, or Anger

9. Is it possible to forgive your partner for infidelity?

10. Can death estrange true lovers?

11. How to recognize true love?

12. In true love, 'Is beauty skin deep?'

13. Is love merely a desire?

14. Is secrecy from one's partner acceptable in true love?
Questions to Split Your Tummy
1. Does the word synonym have a synonym?

2. If the opposite of pro is con, so, is the opposite of progress, congress?

3. Is daydreaming possible at night?

4. Money doesn't grow on trees. Why then banks have branches?

5. If we have come in this world to help others, then why have the others come in this world?

6. It is said that humans evolved from apes and monkeys, then why do these animals exist till date?

7. If atheists were to go to court, will they have to swear by the bible?

8. If someone who has a split personality, and tries to commit suicide, will it be considered a hostage situation?
9. Why do we laugh when tickled?

10. Why is a carrot called a carrot while an orange called an orange?

11. Have you ever spotted the word dictionary in a dictionary?

12. Do the optimists only have the blood group, B- positive?
You may want to go through the philosophical questions given below:
Philosophical questions, be it about the serious things in life or about the ordinary, mundane things, do make us think. So, engaging in asking and answering these questions, once in a while, is a good way to enrich our minds and increase our knowledge.